The next dragon rider

An intriguing new theory written by Jeremy Prusak explores the possibility of Iva becoming the next dragon rider. What reason could Iva have to hate and hunt down Orta I wonder? That would make for a fascinating story in which Orta accepts that the universe does not revolve around her and that her actions have consequences not just for herself, but for others.

The ending of Panzer Dragoon Orta sets the stage for the next game with Orta as the main protaganist once again; I’d like to hear your arguments for and against Orta remaining so. Who would make an adequate replacement if not?

If it’s a direct sequel to Orta (which I don’t believe so;I mean it might be a sequel but there will be like 50 years of story in the middle) Orta HAS to be the rider.

It would feel a little ridiculous for her to just “give” her dragon away at such age.Even if they made an event such as the PD1 intro to dewscribe that change (of rider) it would feel strange simply cause she is a woman and plus she’s vey young.

But if the game is a sequel but you got like 50 or 60 years separating it from PDO then a new rider (and please make it a man) would be the safest bet.

Why do you want the main character to be a man?

Cause it’s all different.Smilebit/Team Andromeda have shown us the typical japanese game good feminine characters : Orta and Azel.They are both too sensitive.

I want a man cause at least with man they are able to create much more original characters.

I personally have had enough of developers using female main characters to entice male audiences (in games such as Final Fantasy X-2), but thanks to the changing nature of gaming, all games must be remade to have mass market appeal. I can’t stand the games industry playing on our desires. I like women as much as the next guy, but there’s no way in hell I’m not going to disagree with the way alluring female characters are used to enslave the devotion of male gamers just because I’m supposedly less of a man by doing so. Unfortunately, many guys fall for this trap. They like what they see, yes. But they have to like what they see, otherwise they aren’t really men, or something. Using sex to sell something is the oldest trick in the book.

I wasn’t talking about that directly…
I meant that there are only 2 types of feminine game characters : good and bad.And then there are those who are good and change to bad and vice-versa.

But guys in the game world are different : even with all those known clich?s there are very original and different characters out there.

But maybe sex,like you were saying as an influence in that too.

And something that Panzer has never used to sell on. I guess that’s both a good (“cleaner” game) and bad(less profit) thing.

Well, for characters (not just dragonriders), the Iva idea sounds pretty good and tied in. But, I’d hate for Smilebit just to throw Orta off after she got the first Xbox Panzer game named after her 0_o.


If it’s Iva: Please don’t make him blow up the Empire, please! :frowning: The Empire should be involved, but in some other way…

If it’s (yet) another male rider: I’ll think about this one.

If it’s Orta: She is sensitive, yes. So how 'bout a sensitive bad guy?

If it’s another female rider: Make her just a tiny bit more badass.
I’m not saying she has to wipe out the Empire (again), but some sarcastic humor would do. See Ayame from Tenchu.

Orta should remain a dragon rider, but not necessarily the main character. Actually I’d like to see Evren as the next dragon rider. It may be unlikely she survived, but she would be an interesting character. Those that remember the scene were Abadd attacks the dragonmare squadron may have noticed that Evren was able to dodge every attack while the rest of the riders weren’t even able to react and got the rays right in their face. That shows how talented she actually was. Too bad she was on the wrong side.

It doesn’t really matter to me who the next dragon rider is though. If it’s Orta that’s fine by me. If it’s somebody else, I hope they make him/her interesting enough. It better not be Mobo though :slight_smile:

I have no problem with a female dragon rider, so long as the game is done right. There’s no reason to assume there can be only two types of female game characters as Gehn suggested. I can think of lots of stories (not necessarily games) where there have been a whole range of women characters - they do not necessarily have to fall into set personalities.

Gehn also mentioned that there are a wide range of male characters in video games that are very different. To me that reassures that there’s no reason why a girl/woman dragon rider in the next game couldn’t be original either.

I’m not saying that it should be like that, I’m just syaing that it’s fact that feminine game characters are less “worked on”…

A new dragon rider with a fresh story is more suited to a new game.

Orta’s return is a matter of when, not if, however, so how will her story continue? My foresight is too short-sighted to see far into her future.

The Empire should always be in a position to kill a lonesome dragon. You could attribute the Empire’s increasing strength to the dragon of destruction itself. You know what they say about knocking down an ant hill.


I’d say there is 60% percent of possibilites here.Orta will probably NOT appear in the next chapter.They can come up with all sorts of “excuses” to arrange a new dragon rider and to put her aside from the plot…

I think Orta will be in the next game, but not as a dragon rider. I’m not sure how that’d work, and I’d probably rather see her as the dragon rider to give the series some kind of continuity.

It would be neat if time pases, Orta is an old woman, and she and the dragon are hidden, remote from the world, and a new young future riders finds them both.

I like that idea, Lagi. Orta takes me as the sort of character who would not want to fight unless she has to.

I would want the next game to tie into Orta somehow, if not directly. We wouldn’t want a new game forgetting everything that has happened before now.

That would be because of the Wormriders. She didn’t show much emotion before she encountered them. She seemed quite eager to attack the Vermana actually. She also destroyed the entire group of senior students that was sent into the desert to find her. They didn’t even had a chance to defend themselves and she could have easily avoided that battle. Who knows what would have happened if she had not encountered Mobo…

Sounds like the makings of the main villain of the next game to me. >:)