The newest member of my family

This is Lagi the bearded dragon. I just got this little dude today. I’m not sure if it’s a male or female yet. It’s still a baby. It seems pretty calm so far. I was petting it a few minutes ago and it was closing its eyes.

That’s pretty cool. Are they difficult to keep? And thought of a name yet?

Aye think he has Shadow :anjou_embarassed:

The name is Lagi.

They can be a little hard to keep when they are babies because they need to eat more often. Also, they’ll be stressed out for a while until they get used to you and their new home.

that looks so cool… congrats :anjou_happy:

Unfortunately, Lagi died this morning. I think he was sick when I got him, since from the beginning he hardly ate and slept a lot. We had him at the vet for the past few days and they were giving him antibiotics and force feeding him. Things were looking good at first. Lagi was getting stronger and was jumping around. But then he died.

The vet said that he’s going to look around and find another bearded dragon for me.

That is really fucking sad bro :frowning: I’m sorry…

I got another one about a week ago. This one is a year and a half old and named Freyja. Here’s a video of her eating:

She is definitely more active than Lagi was, and she loves food.