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What do you think?

Makes sence.

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What do you think?[/quote]

Now I want to know who left the gun wedged in Lagi’s back for Orta to find!

That’s a great theory.

Great find, I’m almost 100% convinced you are right :slight_smile:

I knew it!

One thing that just occured to me: the dragon might have used its green orb thing to move the gun into that position. If it could move whole humans (Lundi, Kyle, and Azel) then I don’t see why it couldn’t have levitated the gun into that position.

I’m just glad that, by the looks of things, Smilebit didn’t forgot this important detail.

Edit: This is OT, but very cool avatar, Geoff :slight_smile:

I’m sorry, but I can’t see anything similar to a gun in the images… What is the arrow pointing at in image 8?

That rounded, white blur in image 8 was probably the gun. If you compare the shape in screenshots 9 and 10 you’ll see that the similarities are definately there. Image 7 also shows that the white object is in the right position to be just at the end of Orta’s arm.

Hmm… I hate to have to be the sceptic here, Solo, but I’ve looked at this specific bit of film very closely myself and I’m not so sure about this evidence…

It’s mainly the idea of Orta picking up the gun between the first and second set of screenshots you’ve shown that gets my attention. (Or the dragon placing it in her hand.) In the FMV sequence, Orta’s arm and hand never go out of shot between those first and second sets of images from the theory. The arm is visible all the time, and it definitely doesn’t move. Although it does look a bit odd, the “object” that Orta might have been holding really is just her curved wrist - with its large, reflective, metallic band.

Watching the sequence again confirms that Orta’s arm doesn’t leave our sight, and neither does it make a motion to pick anything up…

I’m also quite sure that the potential gun from the first shots really is just a part of Lagi’s armour-texture. The best shot I’ve been able to dig up shows that same marking on both sides of his body, in fact:

If I can find a better screenshot, I’ll be sure to post it.

Although I’m sceptical of this evidence, I’m not so doubtful of the theory that it’s supporting. If the gun was meant to be anywhere, I agree that it would have to be holstered somewhere on the dragon’s body. After looking at the FMV really closely, though, I’m sure that this doesn’t get depicted…

Well it is just a theory. The gun had to come from somewhere and Lagi is as good a source as any.

I believe the lack of a (definite) explanation for the appearance of Orta’s gun was intentional.

I don’t think it was intentional.
And on closer inspection Lance is propably right…
And her hand is not visible after the armband because her wrist is curved in order to hold on to lagi with her hand as seen in the previous pics as well…
Also apparently the shape we see is not exactly the shape of the object, there’s also a hefty ammount of motion blur applied that warps it’s shape…
Nice counter Lance, gj to you too :slight_smile:
Still that’s a great theory Solo ofcourse :slight_smile:

I agree. Something that I’ve never heard anyone else pick up on is the following fact: the gun is synchronised with the dragon. As the dragon morphs in the game, the function of the gun changes. Now, if it was meant to be Orta changing the function of the gun, that really wouldn’t make sense because she’d be putting herself at a massive disadvantage most of the time.

Maybe what SegaTecToy said in the other thread about “game logic” is the real explanation for this, but it may very well not be. If the gun is attuned to Lagi, and Lagi is a unique entity, then this would suggest that the gun is directly linkled to him.

Lundi’s gun becomes more powerful as Lagi evolves throughout the course of Panzer Dragoon Zwei, and Edge’s gun doesn’t even function until Edge mounts his dragon. The dragon could be the power source of all these weapons, otherwise Lundi upgraded his gun and Edge forgot to turn off the safety switch on his. :slight_smile:

could be an organic gun.

I’ve thought of this before (about the gun beeing a part of the dragon) but there is something wrongw with your theory Solo.Or pehaps I’m just not seeing it since the screens are a little awkward.

Isn’t that “red blur” Orta’s scarf??

btw is supposed to be that thing that people put around their neck to get warmer right?

Hmm, I’ll have to watch the intro again tonight. If you look in the fifth image, Orta seems to be leaning towards the left slightly more than she was in the shots before… slightly.

I’m not so sure about that. If you look at the in game shots of Lagi, there doesn’t seem to be any plain signs of this “bump”. Where abouts in the game was the screenshot you posted from?

[quote=“GehnTheBerserker”]I’ve thought of this before (about the gun beeing a part of the dragon) but there is something wrongw with your theory Solo.Or pehaps I’m just not seeing it since the screens are a little awkward.

Isn’t that “red blur” Orta’s scarf??

btw is supposed to be that thing that people put around their neck to get warmer right?[/quote]

The red blur was probably Orta’s scarf, yeah. Either that, or another part of Orta’s body. I was talking about the grey/white rounded object that the red arrows point to. The object seems too rounded to be Orta’s handcuff IMO, and nothing extends from the end of it as far I can see. If the object isn’t the gun, then where is her hand?

As you’re no doubt aware, the in-game dragon is a completely different 3D model to the dragon in the FMV sequences. Importantly, the in-game dragon is very simplified, and this could explain the lack of that small marking as much as anything else.

If that were in doubt though, it’s worth noting that the in-game dragon is not just simpler than the FMV dragon, it’s also subtly different. Compare the FMV dragon to the in-game dragon for a sec:

(A screenshot from Lagi’s Art of Panzer Dragoon site)

Note the size of the “horns” at the points where the wings connect to the dragon’s body. On the FMV dragon, Orta is able to nestle betwen them - but on the in-game dragon they’re tiny. (In fact, the FMV dragon looks roughly twice the size of the in-game dragon.)

Importantly, the black lines on the dragon’s “helmet” are not quite the same - for example, they don’t go all the way to the back (or front) of the helmet on the in-game dragon. The in-game dragon even has some black line-markings that aren’t on the FMV dragon - check out the neck-segments on the large pic.

So, even if that little detail was not left off the in-game dragon in the process of simplifying the model, it could be one of these little inconsistencies. The in-game dragon would have been modelled / finalised long after the FMV dragon, which is presumably the cause of these little differences. Other things, like the Dragonmares, the wormriders’ Baldors and Orta herself, have details missed off or changed between the FMVs and the game.

That image was a still of the dragon model that’s used in the FMV sequences, which Smilebit used as an official image / wallpaper. Many official images show the FMV dragon in positions it never winds up in in the games - the image that Winged Death (used to?) use as his avatar is another example.

As the following FMV shot of yours seems to show, Orta’s hand was apparently curled around the dragon, just out of view. It’s easier to tell while watching the sequence, though…

  • EDIT: I actually re-wrote most of this post becasue it was rambling and didn’t have much of a point. Now it makes a few points, at least :slight_smile:

In Edge’s case I think it’s that he left his safety on. :wink: (Does not bode well for going down in the annals of cool heroes I suppose.) He does shoot with the gun in the cinematic when the tower awakens after all.

no, in the first seqence he used the dragon laser instead of the gun.

I think you might be thinking of a different bit of footage (?) lordcraymen…

I’d completely forgotten about this. Does the gun actually become more powrful, though, or do its shots just change colour? :slight_smile: I’ve honestly never checked. Maybe Ancient Age guns automatically synchronise with dragons / bio-monsters in some way. Or maybe it is just “game logic”… :slight_smile: