The Mystery of Orta's Gun... even more mysterious?

Something has always bothered me about this particular illustration from the Panzer Dragoon Orta novel (I recently bought one off ebay, if anyone wants scans (omg copyright! PM plz ;p):

As we can clearly see… in this picture, Orta has her gun… while she is chained up…


Also she is chained up but apparently OUTSIDE of the prison tower as it is visible behind her?

If that is the full image I am going to assume that even though the chains are on her, they are not connected to anything and she is with the dragon?

Maybe because she is more than human, she has the ability to unconsciously manipulate reality. Her desire for defense led to the creation of the gun in a manner she did not even realize was abnormal.
Either that or it is just a plot hole…

More like… simply the tradition of abstracted montage panels on novel illustration? Just maybe? :anjou_happy:

Yus, this image is just a montage of two pictures, however in the half where she is chained inside the Jail Cell (We can see the bars behind her), she already has the gun in her hand :confused:

But even if this is exclusive to the novel, if she had a Gun whist whe was in the cell what was she doing in the cell? o_O

Unless of course, that is exactly right, perhaps she did indeed have the Gun in the cell somewhere but could not use it because of “Dragon + Gun” link theory…

Or perhaps maybe, just maybe, the artist just thought it would look cool and didn’t realize that it was going to be scrutinized to this level of detail?

Just food for thought :anjou_embarassed:

Does anyone here have the novel and can read Japanese? Would thay perhaps know if the text itself explains where the gun came from?

I REFUSE to believe your dirty dirty lies!

I think Shadow is a pretty cool guy, eh knows atol about SEGA and doesn’t afraid of anything

You know what would be hilarious/evil? If someone at SOJ was reading these boards and intentionally putting in confusing imagery into everything Panzer-related just to mess with your minds.


I refuse to believe that confusing imagery has ever appeared in anything Panzer Dragoon related beyond that one image.

Really? You mean this is the first time you’ve wondered where Orta got her gun?

We should torture you for the answer…

But that would violate the Geneva Convention!!! :smiley:


Really? You mean this is the first time you’ve wondered where Orta got her gun?[/quote]

Yes really!
(no, not really at all :anjou_sigh:)

Never Mind her Gun , I just like to know what happend to Orta full stop ?? :anjou_love: .

Ahh well… I hope , she’s enjoying her retirement :anjou_sigh:

She’s a drone, so she may have some hidden compartment where Azel stashed the gun, but she didn’t actually know about it… or something… yeah.

Plus, she has a few other tricks we never saw in the game, like being able to change parts of her appearance… like in that illustration how she gave herself Manga eyes!

The real point of this topic, was to see if anyone who has the novel is capable of relating what the novel says about Orta’s gun.

It would be interesting to see how the author resolved the issue for putting it into writing.

^That would be interesting actually, but I’ll be very surprised if it actually makes it clear she got it this way, from X or whatever. I’d be less surprised if it doesn’t even say anything about it, mysterious guns are PD tradition after all…

If our Japanese member, Taor is still alive, he’ll translate the whole story if he can. Otherwise, look back to these really old topics.

Good point, Light Wing…

I just did a quick Google search and found this site: … musume.htm

It appears to be Taor’s website with the translations of the novel. She has written the following about the gun:

“She gets her gun from a seeker’s man.”.

I’m just guessing here, but perhaps the dragon kills one of the seekers with his initial blast, and Orta picks up the gun off his corpse.