The most mundane topic in the history of forums

How well do you guys fare at keeping your room tidy? Mine’s is always a mess. How do you keep it tidy?!

Hahaha great topic!

Sorry I can’t help though. Mine is also a perpetual vortex of utter disorganization and tossed articles littering the floor.

The only area that is organized is where the TV is and game consoles, priorities i guess. :anjou_happy:

Mine isn’t too clean. It wouldn’t take me much time to clean it up but its still really bad. I can see right now, I have a DDR pad laying down, cd’s, textbooks, christmas lights (I’m not going to tell why :anjou_happy: ), soda cans from who knows when, I can also see some peeps I got from this past easter, I don’t think I’ll be eating those. The only things I can see that are organised is my nicely stacked all four seasons of Futurama, my t.v. with my systems are also organised.

When I do get it clean, it stays that way for a while. And then I say to myself, “I can throw this can away later.” or, “These books can sit here for a while.” And now it is as it is. I would take a picture with the webcam but I’m afraid my floor has eaten it :stuck_out_tongue:

Heh, this is quite a good topic! :anjou_happy:

Not so well… though it does annoy me when it’s a mess (dunno whether it’s anything to do with feng shui or ‘zen’), I tend to let it get pretty bad before tidying it.

Well, I don’t know if it could be classed as tidy, but I tend just to make sure there isn’t much on the floor or the spare bed (also known as The Space Eater). Basically, everything is shoved in cupboards or drawers instead!

Don’t ask about the state of those, however. :anjou_embarassed:

Mines a mess but at leats I know where is everything is, or at leats in theory.

i do a mass clean every 4 months or something

I know it is time to clean my room when I hurt myself by tripping over something in the middle of the night when I get up sometimes. :anjou_embarassed: