The Lion King - TWOTA Style!

I remember discussing this with Solo a while back, but I never got around to posting it. So without further ado:

It’s Scott! Isn’t he cute?

Solo Wing Dragon, looking all serious.

Say hello to Abadd! Looking extra-feminine in this picture.

Token love interest: Atolm.

Yours truly, Shadow. Gimme a hug!

RYB letting off wind.

Arcie. Who appears to be choking on something in this picture.

The ever-cryptical Geoffrey Duke peers into the fruit of future.
“Whatchu lookin’ at?” - Snowgirl Orta.
Neil’s obviously having his sexual favours called in.
And last but not least, the evervescent Gehn =)

You shall pay for making me a hyena Shadow :X

The Berserker is just suposed to sound cool ya know >P

I’m lost for words. :wink:

XD I love Gehn’s character!

Cant…stop… laughing. XD

I’m Zazu! Wahey!

I wanted to be Scar though. I can’t stop singing “Be Prepared” at the best of times!

You aren’t evil enough.

What about me? :frowning:

Lol!! xD

Hey! The hyenas rule man. Especially Bonzai. Be proud!

I would at least be happy you was even got to be a character that was in the Lion King!

… Huh?

You need to go back, revise, and rewrite that, girl…

Really? I thought the meaning was clear enough.

Very humourous Shadow :slight_smile:

LMFAO that’s well funny XD

Especially the pic of Gehn, that had me in stitches lol

Looks at Pumbaa

Letting off wind eh? I really gotta stop doin’ that in public O_o


Oops, pardon me :stuck_out_tongue:

Your sarcasm amuses me…

I wasn’t being sarcastic…

… Oh. Then you can make out what people write better than me when they add in a few extra words…

best. thread. ever.
And i’m the star XD

Seriously very good character choosing :slight_smile: especially Chuck XP

someone good with flash could make a nice forum related movie … :slight_smile:
hint hint wink nudge