The life aquatic with steve zissou

i saw it last night. i’m think best movie i’ve seen all year because nothing else is jumping to mind. collateral was pretty cool but i definitely liked the life aquatic more. totally different kinds of movies though… maybe i shouldn’t compare them. i liked it a lot more than wes anderson’s other films (which i thought were pretty neat).

i hope some genius developer will grab the license for the life aquatic and make an insane squad based shooter.

anyway, this movie gets my full endorsement.

Even though I’m a hardcore movie buff, I haven’t seen a Wes Anderson film. I’ll have to check it out, the trailer looks awesome.

I don’t want it to become a game though, games based on movies usually suck.

you’ve gotta see the movie first and then imagine it in the hands of the right developer. :wink:

i haven’t seen bottle rocket and i fell asleep during rushmore (it wasn’t that bad, i was just really tired). i liked royal tenenbaums but not nearly as much as most people did.