The (Legal) Free Games Thread

Updated this first post with the links that have been given so far (as long as certain games were mentioned). I haven’t verified if they all still work but they should.

Battle for Wesnoth - Great turn based strategy game

Cave Story - Great Metroid-ish platform/adventure - Link by OfWintryDeath

Nexuiz - Deathmatchy FPS - 1.2 patch added new game modes like CTF

The White Chamber - Point & Click Adventure - Link by Dopefish

Enemy Territory - Team based tactical WW2 FPS - Link by Pedro The Hutt

Indian Outlaw - Very arcade like fast action flash game

Sukodu - Puzzle Game - Link by dragoon lover

Hypercube - Puzzle game developed by Felix
Link down while Felix is getting a new host :slight_smile:

Out of Order - Point & Click Adventure - Link by Felix

Vantage Master - Excellent Japanese TBS game

Various Shmups - Warning Forever rocks!

Destruction Desire - Excellent 2D beat 'em up

Babylon 5: I’ve Found Her - Serious space combat sim
(in development, patch imminent, full campaign is far off)

Little Fighter 2 - Link by Gehn - Cute 2D beat 'em up - Tons of characters!

Various shmups - Link by Megatherium - Try them all!

Nanaca Crash - Link by neo-kun - Whacky flash game

Various shmups - Try out Dan! Da! Dan! - Great shmup/puzzle

netPanzer - Online tank RTS game

Various flash games
Try ‘FMA - Iron Flame’ and ‘inuYasha’!

Tetris! - Link by Felix

warning forever was pretty cool :smiley: it reminded me of this other little shooter called space tripper. same type of addictive yet simple style of play :slight_smile:

i don’t know if it’s a glitch or something but sometimes it seems like i die for no reason. i’ve reviewed some of my replays and i cannot see myself colliding with any projectile. does my gun overheat and explode or something? it doesn’t happen often, but it’s usually what takes my last life :slight_smile:

thanks for the hook up!

Megatherium, when playing in “normal mode” (the better of all modes imo, don’t change it) what you need to watch out for is the timer on the top right of the screen to NOT reach zero. That’s when you lose for good, when the time is over. So you need to a) Beat enemies FAST and b) Die as less as possible because dieing depletes the timer a LOT.
Hope that clears it up :slight_smile:

Also, if you find yourself dieing more or less on the same stages all the time, try changing your “Strategy”. Start destroying different parts on the first few levels which in turn causes the boss to grow in different ways that you might be able to defeat easier. (For example if you all the time beat it’s front first/most it will get too massive there. You can counter it by beating the sides more on the first levels to make it grow sideways rather than forwards. Same for it’s back.)

This one’s cool :

that it does, that it does :slight_smile:

i kinda worked out the strategy for “cultivating weakspots”. where i destroy it in certain ways so that it builds heavily externally but doesn’t re-enforce the joints that connect the huge parts of it to the main body :slight_smile:

other than that i just try to get by :slight_smile: do those little twin beams kill you in one hit like the other shots? i can never tell cause sometimes i looks like they go right through me, but other times i die straight away :slight_smile:

how do you go about “building” the boss? i have a handle on the “dynamic angle alteration” (as i call it) but i’m still lucky to get passed stage 12 :frowning:

I just destroy it’s sides and back only on the first several missions and then start doing solely the front… and then I just try to get by :slight_smile:
I’m not really good at it or anything, I always die on lvl 14, I only passed that once.
AS for the laser beams, I believe that when they first start they are thinner and do no damage but a moment later they are reinforced and can then destroy you. Keep in mind that not your WHOLE ship takes damage, the collision detection covers much less space than your ship. That’s how a lot of this kind of shooters work, it allows for very impressive looking bullet dodges that have you think it’s so certain you will die and yet you make it out alive :slight_smile:

And yeah Gehn, Little Fighter 2 rocks but, as I said, I’m not gonna post so well known stuff (feel free to do it yourself though, I’m just saying why I’m not posting those…)

Here’s a VERY nice freeware Japanese 2D beat 'em up. It certainly more than rivals all but the bigger names in this genre. It’s very proffesional, with excellent animation, great character design and a very nifty special moves system. It only lacks in the number of available characters and modes of play compared to actual retail games (well maybe in the number of moves per character too but it’s no big deal, it’s hella fun!). I originally found it on a Japanese games site but since Home of the Underdogs has it I’ll link it there instead so that it’s easier for you guys to navigate and download it.
However, I’m afraid that for a lot of you it will not work due to the original Japanese characters on the file names turning into jibberish when downloaded. They turn into jibberish either way but normally they are converting to a corresponding character. For some people that does not work right. But if you are not bored, I will paste a list of the correct file names (and their corresponding file size so that you can recognise which is which) here and you can rename your files by copy pasting the correct names. That should make it work (it did for me, and it was deffinitelly worth it). I’ll paste the correct file names if anyone posts saying the game didn’t work for them.
I’ll propably post more games end of this week… If I’m feeling up to it.

no no no i meant the two little shots; they’re like the most basic attack the boss has. i think i figured it out though: they do kill in one hit like everything else, i just saw one of the shots pass over me just as i killed the boss (collision detection is ignored between stages). i’m easily confused.

i feel i should contribute as i have acquired a few freeware games in my day… i’ll get some stuff together and post it later.

Well I dind’t know LIttle Fighter myself.If I knew it was well known I woulnd’t have posted it myself.

Those are really cool Alex. I got up to level 16 on the shooting game, I haven’t been able to put it down either!

shoot 'em up bonanza

(accidental triple post ???)

(Whats going on???)

Yeah I’ve played Warning Forever, and my friend and I played Destruction Desire at his house over the weekend.

I remember downloading a demo for Vantage Masters ages back. I’m thrilled that it’s now available for free. Thanks for the post Al3xand3r!

Little Fighter was a game we played during my Multimedia Design class last year in High School, we had some huge games going. There would always be one guy though that would pick the ice character and do the same magic type move over and over and over and over again. Great game never the less.

It makes you wonder how some of these freeware games engage you longer than a commercial game if developers can learn something from them?

The download of the game can be found to the right side of the main page under “Babylon 5 ?I’ve Found Her? Prequel Campaign (220 MB) download locations”

It’s a freeware space combat sim. The story is based on an original Babylon 5 fan fiction written by one of the creators. The current release is not the full game planned but is instead a ‘demonstration’ of what the team can do with its plot being a short prequel of the actual storyline.

A handful of missions or so are available excluding the tutorials. The controls are spot on with a real neutonian physics flight model which, while hard to get into eventually allows for a lot more freedom of movement. Best played with a joystick but it plays allright with keyboard and mouse too (just make sure that in the control options you set it to the “alternative mouse controls” so that you don’t have to keep re-adjusting your mouse all the time).

The game is top quality and while its graphics are outdated by today’s standards they do not look “ugly”. Everything is top quality from the cut scenes to the voice acting (which is not ripped off the TV series or movies and yet is better than a lot of commercial games’ efforts) to the flow of the game.

It’s definitely worth the download, I found it while googling for space combat games after watching Battlestar Galactica and needing some space action…

Screenshots: … en_008.jpg
change the last 008.jpg to anything from 001.jpg to 013.jpg for more. They are tiny and some of them don’t really do the game justice but a few of them look pretty great.

Currently, the team is working on a patch for the prequel which will add custom made missions support, the skirmish mode, graphics additions and God knows what else. After the patch, they will begin work on the full campaign which will also feature a new graphics engine. There also is a possibility for a multiplayer mode.

Oh yes, as a warning, it may not work properly for all of you. Someone else downloaded it and the graphics were all jerky for him making it unplayable, He had a radeon card as the main difference from my system which has an nvidia card for anyone that cares. That may not have been the cause of the problem tho. Anyway, the upcoming patch which will hopefully be out soon should fix problems like that.

Anyway, download it :anjou_love:


yeah , rRootage…and then there was this other game…noiz2a…or something like that.
if you loved Warning Forever , then you’ll surely like these too =)
i don’t remember the url now…but you should be able to gooogle it .
i’m just not in the right mood to do this now , hehe

You can find most of those at:

Probably one of my favorite sites ever, though it is kinda slow.

rrootage and noizsa were in the last link i provided. another neat one (though much harder) in that link is one called tumiki fighters. that link is the shooter hook up, man.

there was a demo of a non-freeware game that i played a while ago called space tripper. the demo was really really hard to find (and has probably gotten harder). it was neat.

I should download some of these and try them out… how handy that they’re free - I never really have money to buy expensive games!

this is a crazy flash game called Nanaca Crash. the objective is to crash a girl on a bike into some poor guy sending him hurtiling through the air and sending him as far as you possibly can.

along the way are a bunch of different girls and guys that our poor guy can land on, either causing him to get another wack (the girls) sending him even further, or slowing him down or altering his angle (the guys). one girl in particular will mean game over if you hit her, catching the guy and stopping him (in a way).
there is also another odd girl that will rush off when you hit her and block effects of other girls (bad if you want a girl to hit him in the air, but beneficial as the one girl cant catch and stop you). curiously she doesnt bother blocking you from guys (slow and angle). I can only assume she is the jealous sort and doesnt like the other girls touching you…but likes the guy on guy thing, hah.

you can also do mid air aerial attacks if you click the mouse button at the right time. while in mid air the “aerial” idicator to the left will light up either blue (while rising) or red (while falling).
doing an aerial attack while rising (blue) will hit him back downwards. good if you wish to land him on a particular character thats in front of you.
aerial attacking while falling however will do the opposite, sending him back upwards without him hitting the ground or persons below. handy for juggling along a distance or avoiding hitting a particular character.
you can do a downward aerial attack when it reaches 100% (increases while in mid air). but you only get 3 upward aerial attacks, so use them wisely.

also sometimes when you land on a girl you will get a special attack. when you see “special” and a ringing noise just press the mouse button in time and you will be gifted a special super move sort of sequence giving the guy a great big boost. you can tell which characters are going to do the move by the indicator on the right of the screen.

my best score has been 6789.92m, beat it if you can. :stuck_out_tongue: