The Last of Us Part 2 confirmed


I’m a bit hesitant about this, given how perfectly The Last of Us ended. On the other hand, there’s room to evolve the Ellie character, who is now the protagonist. This quote is interesting:

Druckmann said that the reason the sequel is specifically named “Part 2” is that it’s a “complementary story to the first game” and that the two games will tell “a much larger story.”

I guess you’ll be getting a PS4 now, @Shadow? :anjou_happy:


Came here to post this. I guess being in the future has its advantages, eh Solo??

Yes, I will definitely be getting a PS4 now. I’ll probably wait for the Pro to come down in price but will buy one before the game’s release.

I am excited. I’m not worried about what they do with the material, I’m just happy to have more of it. When something as good as The Last of Us comes along its worth taking a gamble on seeing just how good more of it can be.