The gig is up!

I can’t quite say where I’m going, but within 2 to 3 weeks time, I will no longer be working at my current place of employment… for those of you who know where I work :stuck_out_tongue:

Which sadly means that I will no longer be able to tease people from any sort of position of authority, but I still have knowledge to taunt you all with for years to come!

It was a long and painful decision for me to make, but in the end, I think it is best for my career. Going to miss this place (meaning my current company), though. 9 years is a helluva long time to spend anywhere.

What company’s next? Or are you also leaving that side of the industry?

Well, can’t say just yet… Though it’s probably a company that would piss off a lot of people on this board haha

Though I’ll be moving away from my current role on the corporate side of things and will be going back into development.

So, either Sony or Nintendo then, as there are many fans of Microsoft around here and I don’t think there’s any major hatred for third parties. From one first party to another? Don’t sell SEGA secrets now. What do you do in development? Art assets?

Well, years ago, I was a producer… going into a sort of similar role, but more internally focused. Will be working for a specific team that deals with a lot of AAA titles and my job will be to ensure that all the bits and pieces of the company work together. I’ll be the shadow of the producers - they deal with the dev team, I deal with everything else.

On one hand, I am utterly happy. I will be able to sleep at night, safe in the knowledge that you can’t say anything to haunt my dreams.

On the other, I am sad. Sad because you will not be able to slip us an teasing thoughts that may lead to revelations.

On a serious note, I always thought that you deserved better than what you were getting at the company, and hopefully your new place of employment will give you this.

I wish you all the best though. You have earned all the success you can achieve (unless you’ve joined Sony :wink: ).

=( i bet you joined Sony.

Ah well, as long as you know it’s the right decision, and hopefully you’ll be happy with your new job!

Good luck with everything!

Good luck!

If it is Sony, show Team Ico the wonders of Panzer Dragoon, maybe they’ll become fanboys too… And make some dōjin games!

Good luck with your new job. I wish you every bit of success.

Don’t forget what made gaming so great in the Saturn/Dreamcast era, of course. The gaming industry needs people who treat games as more than just a business model.

I bet Abadd is some sort of secret undercover operative, probably serving under the command of UK Resistance. After enduring 9 years of rigorous training at Sega HQ in preparation for his mission, he’s now finally insinuated himself into the enemy stronghold.

At the risk of being discovered, Abadd’s bravery in establishing first contact with TWOTA from behind enemy lines is truly commendable. The constant dangers and threat to life must be both unnerving and exhilarating.

It begins. This is it. This is the moment we’ve been waiting for. We all knew Sega had a long term strategy to recapture the global console market. Little did we know that it now rests in Abadd’s hands. Don’t let the side down mate, and don’t take any prisoners. Good luck.

Why, I never!!!There’s just no sense of honor, these days, in our industry!!

Haha staying at one company for 9 years is “no honor”? :wink:

Speaking of Team Ico and Panzer, though… In actuality, Ueda-san from the Panzer team and Ueda-san from the Ico team are actually good friends. Been meaning to have dinner with the both of them one of these days…

It used to be SEGA Japan , but I’m giving up hope of SOJ ever getting it this gen , or ever

Anyway all the best Abadd mate , just don’t take my Ueda-san away form me . As long as he’s at SEGA , I always have some hope . Bad enough to loss you, and I’ll be jumping off a cliff in Ueda-san goes :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, turned in my notice yesterday and the wheels are in motion. Destiny’s path is set. I venture into the unknown abyss :slight_smile:

The execs were shocked, to say the least, but were supportive and understanding. I’ve got my work cut out for me in the next two weeks as I wrap things up before leaving, though.

But hey! My new commute will be 15 minutes long each way. Sweet.

Don’t be stupid everyone, it’s Rockstar he’s going to work for.

The only company that you could actually offend people with by saying you worked for them.

Either that or SNK, famous developer of hairy-man-ass licking Yaoi crap for DS (And King of Fighters).

Hahaha, oooh the burn!

Nah, not either of those :slight_smile: I only say that people would be upset on this forum because of former rivalries. The team I’m going to work for is very solid and has a long history of putting out fantastic games. I figured that if I’m going to leave here, it needs to be for a team that I have a lot of faith in… and I was lucky enough to find such a team.

Doesn’t hurt that I’m getting a raise, either :smiley:

Grats Abadd, that sounds like a good deal! The only company I could imagine being disappointed about is EA actually, no rivalry issues there though so… breathes again

Of course, this is true Abadd style. Making us guess, keeping us wondering…

Just because I’m changing companies doesn’t mean I need to change my style :wink: