The "Gaming System" ownership topic

So what gaming devices do you own? I don’t remember a topic like this ever being made, so I thought, why not.

My list is as follows:

Sega Megadrive II (x2)
Sega 32X
Sega Saturn (x2 - one of them doesn’t work anymore though)
Sony Playstation (modded) (blasphemy!)
Sega Dreamcast (modded)
Nintendo Gamecube
Microsoft Xbox
Microsoft Xbox 360

Nintendo Gameboy Advance SP (Zelda Limited Edition)

Personal Computer (Athlon XP 2600+, 1.5 GB RAM, ATI Radeon 9700)

All consoles are PAL, with the exception of the Dreamcast, which is NTSC.

EDIT: I forgot to mention my Pentium 100, with 32 MB of RAM (no idea what video card is in it). Believe it or not, this computer can actually run Half-Life.

Good idea for a topic.

Game Gear x2 (I’m not sure if either still works, though I know one doesn’t)
Mega Drive II
Mega Drive 32X (Yeah, I know)
Saturn x2 (My original went to a better place)
Xbox 360 (I may as well put this on the list now, I’ll be getting it in the next few weeks)

Windows PC (1.1Ghz Pentium III, 256MB RAM, GeForce 2. Shut up :anjou_sad:)

Be interesting to see who has what here!

Here’s mine -

PS2 black US
PS2 pink JP
PS2 black launch JP

Xbox crystal UK
Xbox green modded UK
(Did have the PD Xbox, Ebayed it though)

Cube black UK
Cube orange JP

PSP black launch JP

DS silver launch JP

Dreamcast white JP

Saturn model 2 UK x2 (both CD motors have bust)

Mega Drive model 1 UK (the very same one I got for my 10th birthday!)
Mega Drive model 1 JP

Snes UK
Super Famicom JP

Core Grafx 2 + CD + IFU JP (doesn’t work)

Neo Geo Pocket Colour anthracite JP

I think that’s it, off the top of my head…

I’m probably going to “lose” this topic but :

Sega Saturn


Pentium III 700 mhz…keep forgetting…riva tnt 2 I think…

Athlon XP 3500+…keep forgetting…6600GT PCI-E

(In a week or so) 1.83 Ghz 15,4" Macbook Pro :D!!!

Interesting how no one has yet to say they own a Nintendo 64…well that will continue as of now.

I have such a high turnover rate with consoles. At one point in time I have owned a PSP, DS, PSOne, PS2, and Gamecube but ended up trading those in after a couple of years. Plus my original Xbox broke a while back. So as of now these are the only consoles I actually have.


Sega Saturn

Sega Dreamcast (Black)

Microsoft Xbox 360

I won’t even bother listing my computer here since I don’t play games on it anymore, and only use it for school.

Master System
Game Boy Color
Game Gear
Mega Drive
Athlon 1.9 w/ 512 RAM and 80G hard disc
And somewhere in this house there’s a Spectrum ZX that should still work.

I’m looking for a cheap PS2 so I can play DMC3 and GoW, to be honest.

I’m a total geek…I have almost all of the systems:

Atari 2600
Genesis/Sega CD
Turbo Duo/PC-Engine (best system ever!)
PC-FX (awesome 2D powerhouse console that never gained acceptance)
Saturn (modded)
Playstation (modded)
Playstation 2 (modded)
Xbox (modded)
Game Gear
Game Boy
Gameboy Advance (w/ 512 Megs Flash Memory card)
Turbo Express with TV attachment (still the best handheld - 15 years later)
PSP (with 2 GB mem stick)

Now that everything is becoming perfectly emulated (yes, even Saturn!) I am going to get rid of all my consoles since they take up way too much space.

Megadrive + MegaCD 2
and I have my mates PS2 for a year while he’s France.

yeah nice topic, i’ll go in order of when i got them too :anjou_happy:

Commodore 16
Commodore 64
Atari ST

These were before I was born! (well the commodores anyway) I was playing these until I was about 10 years old! (no Snes or Megadrive for me…)

Sega Saturn (the start of my transforming life ^^)
Nintendo Gameboy Colour
Sega Dreamcast
Another Sega Saturn (incase the first one broke…)
Another Sega Dreamcast (good deal >
Nintendo Gameboy SP
Sony Playstation (Given to me by a friend… never play it)
PC (Athlon 2500+ @ 2.1ghz, 1GB RAM, 9600XT)
Nintendo Gamecube Black (bought it but the returned it in a month… no time to play it)
Nintendo Gamecube Platinum (My Dad bought it. its his really but i play it as well)

Thats all I think!

Sega Saturn

I just have the consoles I need for Panzer Dragoon right now… don’t have as much time for gaming as I used too. I used to have more bit I got rid of them for various reasons a while ago.

Wait… is this a “what consoles have you ever owned” thread? Or a “what consoles do you actually have hooked up to your TV right now” thread?

I’m pretty sure it’s a “What consoles are currently in your possession, be they hooked up to your TV, in a box somewhere, or otherwise” thread - but that’s not very catchy.

Anywho, I own the following-

Megadrive (Somewhere…)
Playstation (Modded, and about 8th hand - doesn’t work very well. I’m hanging on to it because it and the NTSC boot disk I have look like my only chance of ever playing Chrono Cross - bar emulation, but it just not the same…)
Playstation 2 (As of a fairly recently, with ICO, SotC and RE4 :anjou_love:)

Gameboy Brick

And I have my PC, which isn’t really for gaming.

As Drenholm said, this topic is for systems that you own now. They can be locked in a cupboard or whatever, so long as they are still yours. This doesn’t just include consoles, but handhelds and computers too. Any gaming devices. Although I suppose technically that means I should have mentioned my phone containing a crappy version of Metal Slug on here as well…

Well I just grabbed my Commodore 16 and hooked it up to my TV just now =)
games were better (i.e harder) back then too…

Consoles currently owned:

Gameboy Advance SP
Saturn (doesn’t work with the TV ;_; )
Megadrive (doesn’t work with the TV)
Mega-CD (doesn’t work without the megadrive working, obviously)

Consoles formerly owned:

Dreamcast (broke, to my greatest anguish)
Gameboy (original… gave it away)
Gameboy Pocket (gave it away)
Gameboy Color (gave it away)


Oh… and I have two computers… one tower computer (currently using) and a laptop. Can’t really be bothered to post the specs. The laptop is a few years old and the tower computer… well… it runs Morrowind (which basically killed the laptop) perfectly, and I reckon it might just scrape Oblivion if I tried.*

(lookathis, a post from Germany)
I own:
A Commodore 64
Gameboy (& Colour)

And indirectly I own an N64 and a Gameboy Micro

Systems I own:

Atari 2600
Genesis (and a CD-X)

Everythign but the first two are hooked up to the TV :slight_smile:

As for handhelds: Gameboy (original… still works!), GBA, DS, PSP.

And Scott… I would actually disagree that games used to be better. Games were simpler, and they carry a lot of nostalgic value. However, if you were to release one of those games right now, I very, very highly doubt you would pay the same price now as you did back then.

I have to agree. Very, very few games stand the test of time. Seeing as we are now at the stage where handhelds can run proper Quake (GP2X/PSP), there is no way I would drool over MD Virtua Racing the way I did back at the time.
It’s not just graphics though - I’ve now come to expect enemies to react realistically to the situation they’re in, and be able to detect me via not only sight, but noise and even (virtual) smell. How is this inferior to an enemy walking backwards and forwards on his little ledge until I bop him on the head?

System owned

Packed away

Pal Intellivision (my 1st ever console)
Blue N64 (Pal)
Jaguar (Pal) The worst console I’ve ever bought
Jap 3DO F-11
SNES (Pal)
Dreamcast USA (don’t work)
Dreamcast JP/(don’t work)

In the Spare Room (all hooked up)

Neo Geo CD (JP)
Master System (Pal)
Multi-Mega (Pal)
Saturn (Pal)

In my Room

Grey Satun (Jap)
Dreamcast (Pal)
Cube (Jap)
Crystal X-Box (Pal)
PS2 (Jp)
Mega Drive Mk 1 (Pal)
Mega CD Mk 1 (Pal)


Neo Geo Pocket (Pal)

Another thing about old games is that we tend to selectively remember only the good stuff. Case in point: Atari’s console business went bust because they had no content control on their system. There were simply too many crappy games for consumers to have to wade through to get the good stuff, so people simply stopped buying.

There were certainly a lot of really excellent games on the older systems, but they were simple, and few and far between.