The Favourite Character Topic

Favourite Character: Edge

Reason: His determined and brave nature, as well as his compassion for the people of the Panzer Dragoon world. Edge may not have chosen the best path at first (trying to kill someone who was trying to save the world), but he certainly made up for it with all that he did, and entering Sestren without being sure if he would ever be able to return. The way he does not regard all creations of the Ancients the way the Empire does is good too (makes him a more interesting character).

Runner Up: Azel

Reason: I like the way this character chooses for herself what to do in the end, even though she basically starts out as a mindless drone. Azel could have gone with Craymen’s ideas after his death, but she chose not too. While it’s unknown if it was the Ancient’s plan to destroy the Tower and open the gate, Azel did so. But the way she develops human characteristics throughout the story makes for a very interesting character.

Most Underrated Character: Zadoc the Compiler

Reason: Although he does not fight, Zadoc is the one of the main reasons we as the players know anything at all about the Ancient Age. The amount of knowledge he has is amazing and gives for some interesting theories. It is Zadoc who processes the dairies of Lundi - he quite possibly knew him personally. It’s also safe to assume that Zadoc knows a great deal more about the Ancient Age that Gash does.

EDIT: All these characters that I listed were from Saga, but they could be from any Panzer game.

I honestly don’t know which of these I prefer.Maybe Paet but Lundi is also very special.If I could go to the Panzer Dimension I would love to chat with these two. :slight_smile: Zastava is great two but I think I like him in a different way.He’s a more “cool” character…

Paet:He’s a more realistic character IMO.IN various situations he shows his fear of facing the Empire and yet he tries to “save” Edge when he meets Craymen in Zoah.That looks like a very natural reaction.He’s not a guy with guts to sell that ain’t afraid of dying like some game characters.He’s a real guy.Oh and that scene, when he first meets Edge is also very realistic.

Oh and he’s funny sometimes, and he’s a genious.PLus he has some style :wink:

Zastava:I always got the idea that Zastie is with Craymen cause he likes to kill people lol.Want can I say : I loved whenever he showed up but it gets hard t explain why.I just love him!!

Lundi:The Lundi-Lagi bounding makes this character very emotional(not in the cry sense) and I like him cause I sometimes feel like him.The PDZ intro movie shows his nature.First time i saw the movie (first PD game I played) I immediatelly felt gripped by this character…

Also ,kudus to the Dark Dragoon,Mr. Fludge and Lagi.

He is a dragon.
He can fly.
He blows stuff up.
He helps people(by blowing up other people).

Azel’s always been my favourite. Edge was just a punk kid. :slight_smile:

He is a dragon.
He can fly.
He blows stuff up.
He helps people(by blowing up other people).[/quote]

Excellent point. I think we have a winner boys :slight_smile:

(unless solo meant “humans and drones” only)

Lagi has enough personality to be classed as a character IMO. Besides, the only things that make Azel more human than Lagi are her physical appearance and ability to speak. They’re both creations of the Ancients.

EDIT: Yeah, I know Lagi was actually born (not created by the Ancients), but I meant that he still had a purpose created by the Ancients.

I always liked Azel.

She had a cool inhuman quality about her, she was like a Vulcan, even after becoming more human.

~EDGE~!!! Yeah… I won’t go into repeating things, so…

Nah he wasn’t born he WAS created.Lagi beeing the soul…


Nah he wasn’t born he WAS created.Lagi beeing the soul…[/quote]

It depends who you class as Lagi I suppose. When I think of Lagi I think of the actual physical coolia, whereas the Heresy Dragon was the program which entered him.

Lundi named the coolia Lagi, thus the coolia’s name is Lagi. Not the heresy’s name.

Yerah maybe you guys are right, but with all the convos about him where we called him Lagi…

Shadow : You guys actually managed to pass.

Remember the conversation in Episode 7 of Panzer Dragoon Orta? “They are the same, yet different parts of a whole”. The two parts of the dragon were talking to one another… so they both have minds of their own.

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Regardless of how many parts to Lagi there are and whether he and the heresy in Sestren are the same, my favourite character is the Lagi who flys and blows stuff up.

Hmm, hard choice. Maybe Edge, but that?s probably because you know the most about him, but if the main character in saga had been craymen, I?d probably liked him the most =)

I like most the characters really! If I had to choose…Lagi probs…he just so cool! Edge is pretty close and Lundi also as he was the first character I knew…even thought at first I though Lundi was that weird freaky mini dragon thing that ya see at the beginning of PD2. I always liked Lagi a lot though.




He means Keil/Kyle Fluge.