The evil behind HORIZONS

Have a read of this article:

I think it is terrible that such a thing can happen to a games developer, surely he has grounds to sue? I used to play DEMISE so I was interested in HORIZONs when it was first announced. I had no idea why the blackout happened but i did notice that many features were gone from the game after.

Im going to post links to this article on all the forums i post on, those backstabbing bastards deserve to get their reputations destroyed too.

This reminds me of the whole ordeal with Westwood Studios when EA bought the developer and fired some of its founders. EA twisted Westwood’s vision to fit its own (as we all know, EA is obsessed with making money at any cost). I will, therefore, never buy another game made by EA for as long as I live.

The day that Westwood went away was the day the world stopped spinning.

Meh… That’s terrible… But Westwood wasn’t that important to me >>. They should’ve just gone with the right clicking thing that Blizzard had… I <3 Starcraft ^^.

And the day Lobotomy went away was when we lost our orbit and started a slow, inexorable descent towards the sun.

What happened to Lobotomy? A web search proved unfruitful and frustrating (curse you pop ads!).
After the Saturn FPS trio my awareness of them diminshed. Did they ever release anything after Saturn Quake? Get boought out? Disbanded?