The difference betweena Khourieat and a Coolia

In Panzer Dragoon Zwei the Dragon pup and Coolia like creatures are called Khourieats. Is this another name for Coolia, or is it another type of creature all together? If this is not the case could it be a cousin of the Coolia or just a Coolia who evolved differently? I was just wondering about this and need some one to clear this up.

just a different translation of the same word. shelcoof and shelkouf are also in reference to the same ship.

Wrong.Khourieats are suposed to be the mutant coolias.The ones with a bio-iluminary oscillator.

wrong. you have no idea about the japanese language ghen.

the katakana name クーリアー might be transcribed to anything that sounds like “coolia”, since the katakana read “kuu/coo” “ri/li” “aa”

It’s also translated as “Courea” in the Die Welt Von Panzer Dragoon Zwei artbook, if that helps put things in perspective. Other different English translations include Meccania / Machania, Shellkouff / Shelcoof, Goliathe / Goraias, Nuse / Nooth, Lundi / Randy (!) and so on…

I’m not saying Khourieat is not a misspronounciation of Coolia but in the intro the word is used referring to the “un-normal” coolias.

From the way the word is used, I’m fairly sure that it’s meant to be referring to Coolias in general; take the script from the intro:

The blue-white light, which the mutated Khourieat emits, is an ominous light someone once said…
Too many mutant Khourieats are born these days.
The mutant Khourieats are harmless but…
Destroy the mutants, it is the village’s code.
The mutant Khourieats cannot be tamed, and no one will buy them.
Besides, they are believed to be a bad omen…

… I wouldn’t say the script implies that “Khourieats” are mutant Coolias, as the people still call them mutant Khourieats; I’m sure this should simply be “mutant Coolias”, or “mutant Coureas”, or whichever you prefer.

Mutant - Khourieats is another possibility but I get what you mean.

Oh yeah, I wasn’t trying to imply that Coolia or Courea would be “right” and Khourieat “wrong”; just that “mutant Coolia” would equate to “mutant Khourieat” rather than just “Khourieat”, and so on. It’s mildly annoying that there are at least three “official” spellings for the same name; I appreciate that different translators have worked on each game in the series, but it’s surprising that the PDS translator(s) didn’t check the PDZ script to find the existing spelling of the word…

Same creature just different ways to spell the name.

That is common with Japanese games I have noticed.
Ever looked at the Japanese Fire Emblem books? Character’s names are spelled many different ways that some people out there think they must be different characters…

that’s not surprising, that’s commonplace. the PDO translator was the first who used cross reference material from the older games, which was fairly exceptional.

Amen to that. :anjou_happy:

Ok thanks guys for clearing that up. :anjou_happy:

i personally like the otherworldly spellings of Khourieat and Shellkouff more.

Wel, wei kood awl spel a littel difrentley to giv ow’r ohn riting an “uthur-werdley” feiling :smiley:

You’re right, I shouldn’t be surprised; I do find it vaguely depressing, though. :anjou_disappointment:

I’m not so fond of Khourieat, as the unnecessary letters seem to get in the way of the translation a little; I was never sure how to pronounce the word when I first played PDZ, so “Coolia” seems more appropriate to me in that sense. (Back then I didn’t realise that Lundi literally speaks the word in the PDZ intro; my best guess was that it was meant to be pronounced “k’ho’ree’at”, I think, which is obviously quite a way off the intended sound…)

With the exception of Lake Ul… </nit picking mood>

buht wi ar naut frum unuthur werld! wi ar frum irth! tho ai wunce sah a muvee thaht sed wee arr frum marz… :anjou_sigh:

edit, i think my problem is that i can’t help but be reminded of coolio whenever i see coolia :confused:

[quote=“Solo Wing Dragon”]

With the exception of Lake Ul… </nit picking mood>[/quote]

Well I don’t know what they meant (Ulu?) but wasn’t Uru suposed to be the city in the northeastern part of the lake itself?

Hmm… I thought Uru was also the name of the lake itself. According to Juba the town was in Uru, unless you mean the ruined - town? - in the north section of the lake.

Here’s the quote:

Ya never heard the story, kid? There was a huge town in Uru. The town got water from the ruins, but the water kept rising. Now, everything is underwater.