The clash of the consoles

I’d like to know what exactly you’re favourite console is, and why. What do you think is the best console for certain groups of gamers and why.

The PS2 maybe the most “popular” console in some parts of the world, but that does not translate into being the “best” console “ever”. Not that I’m bashing the Sony machine in any way since it too has its fair share of good games.

I’m expecting there to be quite a few X-Box fans here, so don’t disappoint me! :slight_smile:

Right now the Gamecube is my favorite console. It just seems to have more of the games i like, plus the controller is just a dream. I do also own a ps2 and an xbox and while i have some good games for those consoles the Gamecube is my favorite. GBA is a good console as well:)

Probably the X-box is my current favorite one at the moment, most of the games I am playing I find enjoyable and nothing on the other systems interest me.

I own a Mega Drive, Dreamcast, Saturn and Xbox. I loved my MEga Drive because of the Sonic series mainly. It was basically all I ever played, that and games like it (Ristar). But I was really subjected to a whole new range of games when I got my Saturn, and the quality was just a step up. I have a great Saturn collection, with PDS, SF3i, Tomb Raider, NiGHTS etc being the main games that really ‘made’ the console for me. To be honest I don’t think enough money or effort was put into the Dreamcast and I was disappointed with Sega for it. My Xbox is only really the console I could see beating it. There are some awesome games coming out soon and I think ultimatly I’ll get more enjoyment out of ol’ Exy.

On the worldwide scene, I still believe that the Saturn was the best console ever created. It had more A+ titles than the PSX, but they were really competing in different markets. One thing that bugs me is the d-pad on the PS controllers… well, there is none, just four buttons >( Erm, anyway, rant over.

SNES!! The SNES rocked! It was so awesome. It had a wide variety of spectacular games like Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars, Chrono Trigger, and DKC. And how can you not love DKC? :wink:

Even though this console died out 7 years ago (it’s last game was made in '96, right?) I still play it often and still love it as much as I did when I first played it all those years ago.

EDIT: And my XBOX is my favorite next gen console that I own Geoffrey :slight_smile:

As a machine the XBox is the best, that is a fact.

PS2 is a good console and has some games I wouldn’t mind having.It does get more game purposals simply because it actually sells.

The Gamecube is a good console but it is 2 NINTENDO.I mean too many Nintendo games : mario and such…

I would like “MY” games to come out on the Box cause I only have that console and because it’s the console that can offer the best graphics and gameplay IMO (best pad ever if you ask me).

That is all :slight_smile:

its strange - cos i was a real computer game freek when the saturn/ps1 came out - but non of the next gen consoles really impressed me enough to buy them.

i can honestly say that the only next-gen game i really want to own in orta.

i might get a gameboy advance tho - it is the type of games i like.

We all know how much you love the X-Box Shadow; you’re always advertising its success. :slight_smile:

I’m always defending the Saturn from critics, myself (most recently at SFC – a Sega site!). However, I rank both the DC and X-Box very highly.

The X-Box is the most graphically powerful console currently on the market. However, the best console is in the eye of the beholder, because best can be such a subjective term.

Well the Sega Saturn is my all time favorite as it was the first “real” console I got (I had a gameboy first which I liked a lot as well) and I bought it bundled with Panzer Dragoon Zwei so yeah that fact alone is one of the most memorable gaming periods of my life…and it only got better later :slight_smile:
From the current consoles, even tho I own none, I favor the Gamecube the most, it seems to have the most AAA titles out there and not get recognised for it (kinda like the Saturn in it’s time except GC is doing better sales than that) I don’t feel it’s too Nintendo-ish or anythin like that since I couldn’t care less what company makes the games if they are good and even Ninty itself for every pikmin brings an Eternal Darkness, for every Mario develops a Metroid and for every pokemon makes a Zelda Wind Waker, so I don’t see what the problem is with “cutesy” “nintendo-ish” games (some of them are also really good as well anyway) if there’s so good non cutesy games as well. Resi 1 remake and the upcoming Resi 4 come to mind as well when thinking of good, non cutesy games.
For the X-box all I’ll say is that it needs more good titles (and I’m talking AAA titles, not just “good” games, cos “good” games to me are just pleasant time killing until the next really worthy game) and the controller is quite wrongly made, it seems like a Saturn 3D pad imitation except the 6 front buttons are in quite a fucked up placement, I still find the original Saturn pad to be the best ever made, with perfect button placement. If some company made an X-box pad with the 6 buttons alligned like on the Saturn I’d buy it on the spot! Well I’d buy it on the spot if I had bought an X-box first :stuck_out_tongue:
The PS2 has a lot of good titles but I don’t like what Sony stands for.
(microsoft of the video-games is what I call them) However I do love some games on it, like VF4 Evolution which is the best fighting game I have EVER played for example.
Overall I’d say PS2 and GC owners would be the more satisfied gamers with X-box owners possibly wanting more (but that is starting to change with more good titles in development)
So yeah, I favor the GC the most at the moment for the sheer quality of some it’s games that deserve CLASSIC status rather than just “great game” or “one of the best of it’s kind” status.

My all time favourite would be either the Saturn or the Dreamcast… probably the Saturn simply because of Panzer Dragoon, but I really liked some of the original franchises that began on Dreamcast too (Jet Set Radio, Skies of Arcadia, etc).

I’m still waiting for a good, traditional RPG to be released on the Xbox. Anyone know of any that I might have missed?

I forgot to add that I do value the DC and wasn’t dissappointed by Sega on how it went but rather was dissappointed that it didn’t go as well as it deserved forcing Sega to cut it’s life short, it’s obviously outdated now (even tho I’m sure we would see some AMAZING things done on it if it had more developer support and had lasted longer) but when it was released it was the best thing ever seen and with titles like Shenmue, Shenmue II, Soul Calibur, Metropolis Street Racer, Virtua Tennis, Jet Set Radio, Skies of Arcadia, Grandia II, Resi: Code Veronica etc, it deffinitelly has a place on my favorite consoles of all time and I really wonder why more ppl didn’t buy it. (well I don’t wonder so much now, it basically lost to the PS2 hype, and the hype was much more than the PS2 really was, if the DC was competing with the actual PS2 head on, for example if they were released at the same time rather than a year or so earlier, it would have done a LOT better no doubt)
The DC does deserve praise for what it achieved even if it’s life was cut short.

The games made the DC and PS2 what they were. Graphically, you could hardly tell them apart; your average gamer couldn’t tell the difference anymore.

I’m waiting for Sudeki by Climax. Oh and PDS2. :slight_smile:

Does Morrowind not count?

It’s not really a traditional RPG though. I’m meaning something like Shining Force or Phantasy Star (the old ones). Sudeki could be interesting, but it’s not the same Climax who made Landstalker so I’m not sure what to expect exactly.

Hhmmmm… I haven’t heard of any. Rumours are adrift of Shining Force 4 on the Xbox, but you’ll have to ask Geo about that.

The Admin of SFC has a contact within Sega who has confirmed something, but the “woman” won’t share anything with the community.

I wonder if Abadd knows anything about this. Someone should nag him.

Will do.


Will do.[/quote]

I’d love to post some official rumours, especially at my beloved SFC. I hate the way they selfishly horde information there.

Ok, ok, I must stop hating SFC, even if I love to hate it. :slight_smile:

My favourite current console is the Xbox, mainly due to Panzer Orta and Halo but of all the consoles I’ve ever had the pleasure of playing it goes like this-

  1. Saturn
  2. Dreamcast
  3. Mega Drive
  4. Xbox
  5. Game Cube
  6. Gameboy Advance SP
  7. NeoGeo Pocket Color
  8. Game Gear
  9. Master System
  10. Gameboy Advance (The dark screen really bugged me)
  11. Gameboy/Gameboy Color
  12. SNES
  13. 32X
  14. PSone
  15. NES
  16. Mega-CD
  17. PlayStation 2 (ok, I’m biased)
  18. 2600
  19. Grandstand Sports thingy.