The blood brothers

this is completely out of character for me (being of the hip-hop persuasion) but i’ve taken a liking to a punk/death metal band. i do not like all of their work, but in listening to their newest album “crimes” i’ve found several songs that i really like.

if you immediately read “punk/death metal” and thought “time to go!” i want to restate that it is probably stranger that i am liking them than it would be for you to.

if you can get ahold of “crimes” i would suggest you listen to track 4 “peacock skeleton with crooked feathers”, track 6 “crimes”, track 3 “love rhymes with hideous car crash”. if you like those then you could try poking around on the other tracks. just remember that it’s ok to run if you start to hear screaming (and you don’t like it).

Punk/Deathmetal fusion? That sounds… interesting considering that the genres sound nothing alike.

googles them

Listening to a couple songs of their’s now… wow… they’re pretty damn good o.o

Not exactly how you described them. They sound to me more like a cross between the bands Interpol and the Locust (The former being a Joy Division-esque band, the latter being a hardcorepunk/grindcore band.)

Interesting indeed.


what songs are you listening to?

and how would you classify them? maybe my ears are not properly attuned to judge :anjou_disappointment: