I hate to see perfectly good characters butchered by fan fiction writers. Still, that’s the nature of the beast. You should see what some modders have done with game characters…

Nothing is sacred.

I don’t know…how about Skies of Arcadia meets the Power Rangers? I started a topic on that on the Gamefaqs SoAL board…they found it quite funny :smiley:

“Scourge” butchered Edge a bit, that’s why I stopped writing it the first time through. I plan to finish it, at least before I’m dead.

Unless they’re satirical, I don’t read fan fictions. They tend to suck, especially cross overs. I don’t mind if someone writes out a game or show into literary format as long as it is what the game or show or movie is supposed to be, but man… don’t mess with other people’s stories.

I take it you haven’t read fanfics on TWOTA? I agree about crossovers…

You’re right, I havn’t, but that is because I stay away from fanfics.

Kinda silly though imo, with that way of thinking then every one of us would stay away from ALL games because the majority of them sucks…

I suggest you read some of it, you can always stop if you find them bad so they won’t waste your time or anything…

I don’t think the majority of games suck… It’s just that every fan fic I have ever tried to read would just horribly ruin what someone else has already created. I have played almost no bad games, and I don’t play the ones that don’t seem like they’d entertain me. That’s different than everytime I see a fan fic, it destroys what I love or it is completely a waste of time. In my way of thinking I stay away from most movies as well :anjou_happy: lol

S-Saga and R-Ranma? What the hell is going on?! I’m scared!

covers eyes and wails

As for crappy fanfic crossovers, if I can ever find that one that screwed up Panzer Dragoon Orta by combining it with (of all things) Mortal Kombat and Xenosaga again, I’ll give you a link. You can help me track the guy down and destroy him/her.

Rofl, how’d it work?.. that’s assuming that it did. I have to read that one sometime for laughs.

Wow, that really sucks. I was JUST considering skipping over to FF.net to check if they had any good PD fanfics, too.

I was also on my way to post one of my own, but that’s aside the point. I guess I’ll go check it out anyway… I also had no idea people were so critical in analyzing them on other websites. Makes me kind of hesitant to post it now.

I believe that this forum needs a very descriptive vomiting icon, as I really have no words or emoticons to describe even a sentence of what I just read (and I only had to read two sentences to feel that nausea).