Stupid questions

Why is there only one monopolies commission?

Why does America have Braille lettering on some of its DRIVE-thru ATM machines?

Because we Americans are masters of doing things that make little sense. =)

Why can people who are completely healthy get cigarettes at the front of a pharmacy, while sick people need to walk all the way to the back to get their medicine?

Why is it illegal for a fish on public transportation to swim backwards in Seattle, Washington?

That’s to stop people carrying seahorses about as a catch or a pet, as they’re the only fish who can swim backwards. Do you see?

Why is it so unlikely that our solar system is going to be sucked up by a black hole? It could happen to anyone.

How many rings are in a three-ring binder?

Why is Gehn so smart?

That’s not just a stupid question, it’s also a false statement.

It’s stupid cause it’s obvious : I was born that way.