Story of Orta and Lagi's mission

I thought the story of Orta was very good, but after completing it I cant help but feel the story was a bit pointless. In Orta it is the first time that Lagi doesnt have a mission(as far as I can tell), he was completely driven by fondness for Orta. This suggests that the story was personality driven however I felt that Orta bonded the least with her dragon out of the dragon riders(possibly excluding the rider in PD). Still one thing the story does acheive is leaving it wide open to be followed up on.

The story was kinda pointless, but the game wasn’t.

The story may seem pointless as a stand alone adventure, but as a whole (if you’ve played the other PD games) it’s actually quite touching. Edge’s bond with the dragon was great, and PDO proves Lagi’s willingness to help his former rider’s daughter. It may have been Lagi’s duty to destroy the Towers, but he chose to help Orta, and sacrifice his life, of his own free will.

To tell you guys the truth the inclusion of a female dragon rider wasn’t very good idea IMO.

Try to imagine a Orta (game) with a man instead of a girl…

Wouldn’t it be more cool?I mean the Orta/dragon scenes were completely different than previous chapters and didn’t have that spiritualness that PD1 and PD2 had…

Lundi and Lagi relationship was much more interesting as was Kyle and Lagi…

Hopefully in the sequel(if it comes) Orta will have a much better bond with baby dragon. I think the problem with Orta is that she didnt have an identity, she doesnt say a word till chapter 2 and until then i thought she might be one of those characters that never speaks(e.g. Arthur in StHA). Between Orta and Lagi, I think Lagi had a bigger personality!

Yep! There’s a bit of a problem there…

How can you have a personality when you’ve spent all your life chained in a cell?
This game is the beginning of Orta’s quest to discover her past, once she discovers her past, she will decide what to do with her future. We will see her personality shape cos of her past and everything/everyone she encounters in her journey and I find that quite intriguing…

And you are right about Orta’s bond with Lagi, it was weak, but Lagi wasn’t there so much for Orta but instead for Edge…it’s a continuation of his bond with Edge, Orta is not a new rider that together they accomplish a mission but instead she is the daughter of a person close to Lagi that he decides to help her discover her past…
Or even perhaps also a continuation of Lagi’s bond with humans and he’s aiding Orta due to the potential she has of doing something importand…If Abadd knew it then perhaps Lagi did too…unless ofcourse Abadd meant that her purpose was to aid him in creating Drones…ah well we shall see… too many things unknown to us as of yet about Orta (I mean the game here) so the more we think about it the more questions without answer will raise…

Orta and Lagi relation is very deep and much more touching than Kyle’s and Lundi’s. For first time, Lagi chose to help Orta and sacrifice himself to save her. There no mision to fulfil, no heresy program what control him partially but he decides and wants to help her. We see Lagi’s more human side. Orta don’t speak too much because of she has been imprisioned all her life. She doesn’t know how get into touch with anyone but she talk everythig with her eyes, she expresses herself with them. The snow cutscene, when she looks for Lagi, is the compendium of all that. Futhermore, Orta hasn’t any mission either. She hasn’t to help Lagi. He help her. She only wants to know who is she and why people imprisioned her. Because of that, she chases and looks for Abbad. He know her name, something about her. In that journey, she discover how the world behaves, who is his mother and his father and Lagi’s unbrekeable friendship/love. But there are too much questions not answered yet. This is only the beginnig. It’s the first Panzer game where the rider is really important IMO and I love that.
The story isn’t pointless. It’s only the beginning of Orta’s great journey. We only know some scratches on surface. The plot has introduced new blood to the saga sucessfully, new roads to walk. There is a new direction. Orta is story focus and not Lagi/his mission. We had learned TONS of new information about drones and there are tons of details about them we don’t know (borderland cities, for example). Abadd has allowed us to understand better how Ancients thought. He is a slave. His words are images of Ancients intentions. We have seen Seekers’ more cruel side. They are human afterall and have weaknesses. We have known new race (wormriders), the resurrection of Ancients is 100% impossible, Lagi’s new side, new imperial technology, etc. I think It’s a huge amount of new and interesting information.
I love the whole concept of fate’s “circular” structure: every end leads to new beginning. The end of PDS era and the beginning of new age, Orta meaning, Lagi’s death and new dragon’s birth, the end of old empire and the birth of new empire, the end of Orta’s first journey and the beginning of her real life, etc.

hmm… Well said, Nightwalker…

I think Orta’s story works well as an introduction, however as a full game it is a bit unsatisfying, if there is no sequel then all the information is pointless. I feel that the extra info in pandoras box was just for the previous fans of the series, for newcomers to the game there wasnt much of a catch

You don’t believe Azel created her with a purpose in mind? This is one of the reasons why I don’t like her character: there was a reason for Orta’s creation and one that will probably decide her fate for her, as opposed to her deciding it for herself.

The name Orta meaning “rebirth” or “dawn” is meaningful in more worlds than one.


Speak for yourselves. I thought Orta was an awesome character. Sure she starts out all cold and emotionless, but she starts breaking out of her shell toward the end.

And you can’t say that she didn’t have some sort of bond with Lagi. She sounded pretty upset over his death at the end.

The character Orta was one of the better things about the game.


Yeah, there was a big reason.
Forbidden Memories - Episode 7: “Hito narazumono” or “sealed spirit” or some variation of those themes plays in the background, Azel’s memory records “talk” to Orta: “You are the answer to my fruitless searchs…” Or something similar. I don’t remember Azel’s all quotes exactly but I think she says Orta carries her spirit and Edge’s (she uses “him”) and Orta is her daugther. She talk about drones, hardness Orta will have to face during her life too and She finishes saying she always be there.
It’s very obvious to me. Azel mainly created Orta because she loved Edge. She looked for him but never found him. She needed a answer to her questions/feelings. Orta would be the proof of that love, the proof of Edge existed and she shared something precious with him, the proof of she had human necessities and feelings: her offspring.
Orta isn’t normal human either. She is special. She has to fight hard because she’s different. The new empire, Abbad and Seekers only wanted to use her. We don’t know if she won’t be able to decide her fate for herself because she’s Azel and Edge’s daughter. When we play next Panzer game, we’ll be able to talk properly. Nowadays, We only know she has power, power to change things and she decided for herself to chase Abbad, to trust in Wormriders, to fight against Empire, to oppose Abbad, etc.

I already know what Orta means and I refer to it in my previous post but I don’t understand very well what you intend to say me. Sorry. Explain it a bit more.

And Yes, Orta was one of the better things about PDO

The name Orta may have significance in the game world itself. Perhaps I’m reading into this too much, but I contemplate whether or not the name was just a means to express the revival of the series.

Why was Azel’s child given the name Orta? The name was chosen for a reason (probably a subjective one and not one that signifies a grandiose fate).

Azel was built for a specific task and yet in the end she was the one who chose to fulfill it. Orta is perhaps bound to a similar destiny inherited by her very creation.

I don’t like this plot angle.

Orta means dawn in Panzerese. It’s have significance in the Panzer world itself. Moreover, I only don’t refer to revival of the Panzer series but word’s metaphoric mean too: hope/light. I think that’s the reason because of Azel give her daughter that name.
I already answered to the other statements in my previous post thought.

I totally agree. The Lagi-Orta bond was a powerful one. The snow scene especially showed off this; the whole scene was basically decicated to showing off the bond between the two characters.

Perhaps she will choose not to fulfill her’s, if she has one. Personally I think Azel was just talking about her drone abilities in general having the power to change the world, not a specific purpose. Orta did use her powers - or rather Lagi’s - to save the world from the dragonmares and Abadd.

Just wondering, have you played Saga? Because if you have then Orta makes a whole lot more sense. I see your point though - the story of PDO is perhaps too dependant on past titles.

The Orta and Lagi bond was completely different from the others…

Something was missing…