Alternate meanings of STFU.

Fire away.

Samurai Training Finished Unsuccessfully
Shitty Teenagers Feel Urinated

Stupid tigers filched my underwear.


Start the friking undercarrige

Stop Thinking From Uranus

Sink Tugboats From Uranus

Sample Tissue From Uranus

School: The Final Underworld

Springing Turnips Fight Uruguay

Shadow The Falsified Urchin

Still Trying Funky Unification

Suck the F***ing Urethra!


my virgins ears! naughty neil!

can was do a new acronym now? like ROFLMAO? there’s so many options in ROFLMAO.

Run Over Fantastic Lesbian Men As Ordered

lol Neil, that’s the funniest yet XD

Slurp turds from uranus?


Stupid Topics Flummox Us.

Scott’s Tremendous Farting Utility

LOL! :smiley:

Sam Thinks Frodo’s Ugly
Stop Touching Far Under (you know what I mean >>)


Shut the fudgenut up =D

THis site has TONS of meanings for it STFU

It would if your URL worked, Kevin. ^_~