Star Wars- TWOTA Style!

Based on the popularity of Shadow’s Lion King thread, I now take the liberty of showing you your Star-Wars counterparts into my own hands. Enjoy.

It’s Scott! A little camera shy, but equip him with this cloak and his nerves are alleviated a bit.

Young, energetic, but very in-tune with the force, I bring you The Sharp Edge.

She’s hot, admit it. Here’s Atolm.

Wise and straightforward, sometimes cryptic in his musings; he is one with the force and the wisest of the Jedi. It’s Solo Wing Dragon.

More of a neutral character, he sides with those he knows will prevail and initiates action with anyone he encounters. It’s Shadow.

RYB letting off the wind.

After being voted in as most fanciable male, well… here I am. Yours truly, the incredibly handsome (not to mention dashing) Neil. I was also frozen in carbonite later on.

Here’s Lance, full of information and guidance.

Who’s the black jedi whose combined power and wisdom no woman can resist? Geoffrey Duke!

Just mastering the “got your nose” Jedi mind trick, and more than often prone to annoying fits of spamming/rage, here’s Berserker.

He wants YOU to join the imperial army. He’s the embodiment of pure evil, and he never reveals his plans for future Sega projects/blowing up planets, here he is, ladies and gents. Abadd!

Arcie, currently uploading Klingon into his language database, despite warnings of copyright infringement from Mr. Lucas.

Here’s Dopefish, a more sinister character. His opinions tend to deviate from the rest, yet he is nothing to fear when there are villains like Abadd on the loose.

Having already tasted the joys of a cigar, Daz moves to the next step, with what appears to be a beer.

TSE’s main love interest that later turns out to be his sister, here’s Nevey. Later gets married to me.

This is V-Man, erm… disguised as Lando.

Step up, ladies. You know his little beard is cute. Here’s Al3xand3r.

Left: snow_girl orta Right: Orta.

similar names bear similar appearances :wink:

Gehn. Actually a self-portrait =P

I got the best character! :smiley: Thanx Neil

Darn… I was hoping for the Emperor.

You haven’t his mind-control abilities, so therefore you are Vader.

I’m working on it, though!

Your efforts will be futile against me… None can break me.

W00t! I get a green lightsaber. [size=200]^_^[/size]

lmao @ Gehn’s pic!! I knew you’d save the best 'til last, Neil :slight_smile:

I see my bowel problems still persist though… my god… the relief on Chewy’s face lol

EDIT: Just had a thought: how does “The Simpsons - TWOTA Style” sound? It has to be done :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: Just had a thought: how does “The Simpsons - TWOTA Style” sound? It has to be done :p[/quote]

I too had taken this into consideration. Sounds like a good idea to me :slight_smile:


Slave 1 is one cool ass ship though. You make me proud man!

I couldn’t stop myself from laughing as I was perusing the images. Many of them seem oddly appropriate.

Sweetness, I got mentioned.

I mean… “sweedana eba go meshonad; HA-HA-HA”.

XD nice one Neil!

I think I was perfectly cast… :smiley:

hahha nice one Neil - irlol @ Chuck’s
And i see my hair got a bit too long for the public to see…

Would have prefered cider though.

Klingon is a STAR TREK language.

This is STAR WARS.

rofl u n00b f00l

Oh hell yes.

THATS THE FRICKIN POINT. Guideline number one, please.

I’m not ignorant, I just don’t get the joke.

Read the breach of copyright comment