Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Remake (PS5 Exclusive)

Anyone hyped and excited about this? I knew this was going to happen eventually. Sad thing is though, we could have had this years ago with the fan remake. But, sadly that got shut down. The wait is going to be tortuous though. It seems like development is just starting, so we won’t see this game for like 4 years from now, 2025! Apparently, the dev team will have old members from the original game, so that is comforting in the least. What do you all think? Here is a teaser and development trailer:

The remake will also come to PC at launch, since it’s a timed console exclusive:

We don’t have much to go on here, but I’m looking forward to trying a reimagining of the game. I might need to replay the original to refresh my memory; it’s been a long time since 2003.

The remake will presumably make the game’s story fit in with the new shared canon that makes all of the post-Disney acquisition films/TV/comics/games part of the same continuity.

That’s good to hear. Unless they totally ruin the atmosphere and story, this is a day 1 purchase for me! I really hope they keep any sjw garbage out of the game please. Nothing against it, but I don’t need to be spoon fed LGBT content and ideology all over the place. That is not what this game is about and it needs to stay out.

Well, Sam Maggs (who went on twitter record as saying KOTOR is not her favorite SW game) is part of the writing in some way. She could be the lead or otherwise contributing to the script in some way.

There are more…damaging things that she has said (look up her “experience” with GTA V), but basically I would definitely not preorder this game.

If the main story is untouched it should be fine. They will probably add optional dialogue or locations which we, hopefully can ignore if they are too sjw LGBT crazy…

It isn’t exclusive, but timed

Your ridiculous. Social justice is something we should all be fighting for. Adding elements that appeal to all audiences, such as lgbtq, poc, etc. is about including content that appeals to everyone. You throwing that term out indicates how closed minded you are. Lesbian Jewish leftists aren’t showing up to indoctrinate you or steal away gaming from you. SJW is someone battling for equality and justice. You being offended by that shows your privilege. Adding representation for those who in the past haven’t had any is not a bad thing. I always go back to that pie analogy. Giving others pie doesn’t mean you can’t have any. You make more pie. Adding content that appeals to differing groups is the right thing to do. If that offends you, well…too bad.

Political stuff aside, I’ve been wanting to play KOTOR for the longest time, but I heard that the game isn’t really that compatible with 360, so I’m glad it’s coming out on PS5.

It is playable on Xbox One and Series X/S though:

Plus, there’s a PC version that should run on any modern system.

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I actually didn’t know about it being compatible with Xbox One. Although I think I might as well wait a little bit longer for the remake. I greatly appreciate you looking up the compatibility though!

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I’m not being closed minded If you’d let me explain. I’m just concerned for the original script if it’s going to concern the main characters and plot. It would be a potential problem for this game if for example such content alters character personalities and exposition. Aggressively changing things and or characters acting completely different from their original counterparts, will only make it feel forced down our throats.

Like I said above, I don’t have anything against the subject but if it harms the original story just for the sake of the writers political reasons and agenda, than that is un-needed in my opinion and will only harm the original story and characters. I guess it depends on what is done and if any characters are affected compared to the original.

If a new Star Wars game was made from the ground up and had such content I would be totally fine with it. But concerning this game, changing the original script too much in the long run will only feel contrived imo.

Sorry, if you’re offended but that’s just my opinion. Like I said I have nothing against the subject only when it goes overboard changing or altering original content and characters from the original source material.

Concerning the gameplay, I think they should go the Mass Effect route with the remake. It should just be an action rpg hybrid this time. You should be able to aim and shoot with blasters and have an assortment of moves and combos with the lightsabers. And just like Mass Effect, a sub menu for force powers or healing items and stimulants.

The original’s combat is nice and all and I don’t mind it, but since you’re already moving your character on the screen and positioning them in front and around enemies, it sort of gets old just standing there and watching your attacks play out. I think it’s time to make the remake more immersive via Mass Effect combat.

Something like this was bound to happen. It’s probably for the better. The story would have most likely been ruined anyway!

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Yah, those crazy social justice warriors trying to make the world better! We wouldn’t want anyone to feel emasculated…

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There are times when an original script shouldn’t be tampered with, especially if the writer’s intent is to change character personalities and roles, from how they originally were. And it especially shouldn’t be altered if they plan to force personal, political, messages or ideologies that weren’t in the original game.

The story of Knights of the Old Republic is fine as it is, if they feel the need to insert identity politics into it then just make an entirely new game. For example, I don’t need to find out that Zalbar was into male Wookies the entire time, or that Bastila secretly had a relationship with Mission. It’s fine if they did, but it is forced if they make it so. It would just feel contrived and they would just be altering who they were from the original. I don’t need to know about these characters sexual preferences. Juhani fine because it was in the original game. But anything else is an unnecessary alteration.

It didn’t sound like she was a good writer anyway looking at the quality of her body of work so, it was most likely a good thing she left the project.

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Looks like development has been paused indefinitely for the Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic remake…

Sad, Hope its starts back up one day

Looks like development restarted for Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic Remake. What a waste of time again. Just like Metroid Prime 4…