Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Remake (PS5 Exclusive)

If it is being reworked this is like the Metroid Prime 4 situation. Where they announce the game, it gets cancelled, shifts studios and development is completely restarted! It that’s the case we’ll be waiting another 4 to 5 years!

Reportedly no longer in development…

Hopefully a temporary situation while they get together a new development team.

Sounds, like an utter disaster. I mean if they are really serious about remaking this game they need to get BioWare back. And they are currently working on the next Mass Effect game. So, unless they get a triple A studio to remake the game its not going to live up to expectations.

I really wish this fan remake got made but it got shut down by Disney…:

Its a shame for this brilliant game but I guess it’s now dead. I doubt any sort of major funds was put into the remake so wonder if it would have been that good anyway.