Speaking of great games falling through the cracks

It seems that Beyond Good and Evil is selling poorly, even though all the gaming magazines are raving about it. Has anybody played this game? Is it as great as the critics say? At any rate, I guess it’s true what they say, that gamers are only interested in big names and well known series than games that look different.

I have yet to play this game but considrreing what I heard so far I will definately get it.

It doesnt catch my eye sorry.

It really looked very cheesy to me on the adverts, so I probably wouldn’t buy it even if I had a PS2.

Doesn’t look cheesy to me. Maybe it’s a little cheesy because it has a pig for a character, but that doesn’t make it bad. People complained about the look of Wind Waker, but I had a blast playing it. The way the critics describe Beyond Good and Evil, I’ll definitely pick this one up. It’s being described as a government conspiracy game that plays pretty much Rachet and Clank or Jak. Gamers.com describes it as having a real attention to cinematics and characters that feel alive, making it feel like you’re playing a movie.

Of course the way the critic describes it, he makes it feel like this game is the first game to achieve this. Um. Hello? Panzer Dragoon Saga.

But a great game is still a great game, and this sounds like a great game. I think there should be less naysayers and more people willing to try something that’s different. After all, Nights and Panzer Dragoon sold poorly because people were afraid of trying something new. This game is going down in price and you can always rent. ^.^

When Final Fantasy Tactics was released, some fanboys claimed that the game invented the whole Strategy/RPG genre. LMAO.

You guys should all play Riven…

All the Myst games have a strong following in Japan (apparently), so you don’t have to worry about them going unnoticed Gehn.

I remember when Sega Saturn Magazine interviewed the creators of Riven. The 20 or so developers at the time loved making the games and were surprised they sold as well as they did.

I must dig up that issue of SSM.

I must admit that Myst can be unappealling sometimes but Riven is completely different and set the path of the whole series in a completely new direction.

While Myst was a mix of our worlds culture, Riven brought a a new culture comparable to the Panzerense culture : with a language, architecture, and nearly anything possible of imagination of it’s own.

The music is mind blowing.And well…
It was good enough to make me get a nick after the badguy-character’s name.

And you all know how I love PD so that is not an easy thing to happen.

The strength of the game is not the puzzle gameplay but the plot around it.

If you like a strong plot play this game asap.

I love the Myst games.

I still haven’t beaten Exile or bought Uru.

Yeah I have yet to buy Uru too.My current machine isn’t enough for it…


Exile is great too.But Riven beats it all. :wink:

[quote=“Geoffrey Duke”]

When Final Fantasy Tactics was released, some fanboys claimed that the game invented the whole Strategy/RPG genre. LMAO.[/quote]

Completely ignoring Shining Force

Didn’t the strategy/rpg genre start with a game called Fire Emblem on the NES, or were there similar games before then?

PLay panzer and stick to it people!

That’s a bad policy.PD is above all games cuase it’s the best WD.But if there is a better game then I’ll like it better than PD.

Nothing will ever top Panzer Dragoon Saga, but damn. There’s still a whole world of good games out there. You have to try new things all the time.

[quote=“dragoon lover”]

When Final Fantasy Tactics was released, some fanboys claimed that the game invented the whole Strategy/RPG genre. LMAO.

Completely ignoring Shining Force[/quote]

Well, these were the same people who thought Final Fantasy 7 was the first ever RPG. What do you expect? :slight_smile:

I know Sega didn’t create the genre but Sega certainly exploited the absence of good Strategy/RPGs when it developed Shining Force 1&2. RPGs in general were much easier to localize back then as well.

You never know.You like Saga cause it’s awesome right?Imagine there is a “awesomer” game.

Not to resurrect a dead topic, or anything, but I just ordered Beyond Good and Evil from Amazon for $20, should be here by the end of the week. Between that and MGS Twin Snakes, me and my GC are gonna be spending some quality time together this weekend, methinks.

Not a game that tops PDS? Um… I would say something, but you’d hunt me down and kill me. All of you.