Sort of new here

… in the sense that I discovered TWOTA back in November, and have only just decided to join up. I’ve never been any good with introductions, but here goes anyway.

I’ve been a fan of the Panzer Dragoon series since fairly early childhood, having discovered it via a Sega Blast demo disc that had the third episode from Panzer Dragoon Zwei on it.
It was pretty much head-over-heels straight away for my and my older sister, and we both ended up drawing countless pictures of the Lagi and the Golia for days (it might have been weeks) afterwards. The two of us have sort of grown up with the games, coming to ‘understand’ them more over time and probably appreciating them in greater depth now than we ever have before. Unfortunately, however, Orta would have to be a nonplussed exception, save for the mighty impressive Bacharusa and Central Data Unit Ofnir. Something about the game as a whole just didn’t really appeal to me (although my sis’s response was “It’s Panzer related, it’ll have a good home with me!”)
My pet favourite of the series is actually the first game; not only does is contain my two favourite pieces of soundtrack music - the Main Orchestral Theme and Flight - but it acts as very effective catharsis in times of stress. I also have an inexplicable soft spot for PD Mini, albeit mostly for the amusement factor.

Anyways… after that bout of rambling (sorry for going on!); I look forward to getting stuck in with some good discussions here; it’s really refreshing to have finally found a Panzer site that is active and resourceful, as well as a video game-related community that isn’t constantly on the verge of becoming a bloodbath!
Cheers, folks.

Welcome aboard!
“The Panzer community may be small, but it’s not dead yet!”

Howdy-do, and cheers, Nemoide! It’s mighty good to know that the little community is still alive ‘n’ kicking.

Hello there 8-bit, and welcome to the Willl of the Ancients forums! :anjou_happy:

Welcome. :anjou_happy: