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I know i have been gone for quite awhile and well, sorry. I was banned from the internet by my parents for three months and could not get the net until today. My mom doesnt want me touching her computer because her hardrive crashed and it was the fourth one. So she doesnt want anyone else to touch it now. Luckily I built my own little super computer and got it connected to the net. For now. I know I did nothing to her computer, but it was the only one with the net, and I could not get on for quite awhile…Because she doesnt want to loss another hardrive to virueses…well I’m back for now anyway! Hoorah!

I’m sick of that avatar please change it.

Welcome back I mean :smiley:

i’ve gotten winged death (100% shot down on hardest difficulty) on the three shooters. have you done that? i always wanted to hear other people’s methods for doing it or where they had the most problems.

You did not!!!YOu got Winged Death in Panzer Dragoon Proto (1)???

I got it in PDZwei, I remember when PDS came out and everyone was excited because it unlocked Zwei but I laughed because I already unlocked it! AHAHAHAHAHA

I’ve done 100% in PDZ (on all the routes, and on the harder Pandra’s Box settings too), and I’ve picked up every 100% and “S” grade available in PDO, but I’ve never got around to doing PD1 totally. I’d heard it was humanly possible, though - I think someone somewhere has written an FAQ about it.

A question Megatherium: how do you actually kill all of the sandworms in Episode 2? That was what stumped me last time I tried; is there some kind of trick to it?

Yeah; that is simply impossible!

Since when did my Avy get boring?

I don’t like it much that’s all.

you know, i’m not sure you actually have to kill them for 100%. i always shoot them up a lot and i’ve nearly stripped them all bare before, but they always just run away the same and i still get 100%. PD1 is more frustrating than zwei and orta because of the lack of save feature, so if you’re on episode 6 and miss one enemy and then beat it, you’re starting over. thankfully, it wasn’t also the hardest- that goes to PDO because getting 100% on hard mode comes down to creative and intuitive use of berserks and glide attacks. i could imagine myself doing PD1 and PDZ in one run through and getting 100%, but i think the probablility is next to nothing for PDO.

the patterns in PD1 weren’t that hard to learn and there are only a few levels where it gets very frantic (episode 5, some of 6). it basically comes down to, if you think you missed an enemy, you have to die. one time on episode 4, i fired a laser a little late on one of the enemies and he flew off with my laser trailing him, i just couldn’t tell if my laser had hit him so i had to let the boss kill me. that’s infuriating :smiley:

i really wish they hadn’t made stuff so easy to unlock in orta :frowning: 20 hours and you get 100% of the box! puh! maybe like 80%, then have all the really crazy unlockables be for those that put down the time to learn how to get winged death… i was hoping to get the GV team as dragon forms :smiley:

kelly w/ heatblaster = basewing
saburouta = heavywing
kelly w/ drivegun = glidewing


So you have beaten PD1 with 100% shot down ratio? I dunno if I believe you.

How do you call those last two sand worms and the end of the level.

I don’t believe you!!!You are lying my friend, lying!

gehn, you don’t have to kill the sand worms (just the little ones)! try it, man! :smiley:

there are a few other enemies that don’t seem to effect your ratio either. you know the first boss of PD1? 3 ships of that class come back in epsiode 3 and i don’t think they effect the %. i think you just have to get the little enemies throughout the levels.