Sorry about the spammers

The three members, “you succeed life”, “you fail life” and “blazing rickles” are just people looking for entertainment on April fool’s.

I know who these spammers are; one of them is in my form (you succeed life, aka Tom). They did this for an april fool’s joke, just to spite me. Tom said that they wanted to be a part of the community, but i know that they were just bored.

So sorry about those idiots… i just hope they don’t try anything like this ever again.

Right. Well I still don’t understand how they all had a Portugeuse ISP, and all were from Braga, Portugal.

pats Nevey on the back

'tis okay. ^^

I’m not April Fooling



They want to join again.

Well, tough. If your mates want to mess around on a forum, I suggest There, when they spam, they will get banned in a split second. Not because shadow-corp has rules, just because they don’t put up with fools as graciously as we do. Of course, you may be mocked first.

It is a poor way to do a April’s fool’s joke is it not?
I just think you three blew it anyways.

April Fools Joke…

Grr… I hate April Fools. But don’t feel bad Nevey. If I told people beyond Paine about this site, you’d get a lot of people like Succeed Man (whatever the hell his name was) and the Failure Guy and “Blazing Rickles.”

Succeed Man and Failure Guy XD!!!

Yeah. I can’t remember their names… Big deal…

They weren’t a couple of superheroes though =P

No. No superheroes. Just guys who need to get smacked (no offense Nevey).

Nevey, you have no need to apologize.

Apparently your classmates just need to stop acting immature act their age (unless their preteens, which in that case they are acting their age, but should have been at least 13 years of age to sign up.)

Today I was greeted by a guy who claimed he was born in Neptune and he wasl half robot half superhero.I suspect the guy was one of them…

He just babbled so much…:stuck_out_tongue:
He stopped when I said i had gone to Uranus and it wasn’t a pretty sight.

Gehn… The people you meet scare me almost as much as the people I meet. :slight_smile:

The people I meat are not scary :slight_smile:

Poor joke I know :frowning:

All my jokes are poor, so don’t feel too bad.

They are enough to make me laugh. And no apologizeing is needed they aree evil if they spam this much.

Evil huh? Yes… That gives me an idea…

Damn i provoked her! Jumps into bomb shelter and whips out his M-16