Sonic the Hedgehog - TWotA Style!

My turn…
Neil flashes a smile at the ladies…
The self proclaimed “CuddlyEdge”…
Thinking of spamming? Think again. Lance will beat you to the punch.

Orta’s ready to go hopping mad…
RYB letting off the wind…
Whoa, Daz! Lay off the booze!
Shadow in his new streamlined image…
Me as the wise young echidna girl…
Here’s Atolm. You know you want her…
Anyone besides me got the feeling to tell Gehn to buzz off…?
Arcie first thing in the morning…

Here’s Scott! Inne cute? :slight_smile:

Mindless spamming from other forum members causes Geoff to reveal his other side…
And if Solo catches any bad vibes, I shiver to think what might happen…

But, the sweet, sweet cider!

Hey I don’t care abotu anyone else here but I am Knuckles!!

Or maybe I’m just a bee than can fly.

I always wanted to knwo how to fly.Kewl :slight_smile:

Cool. So I’m a little square box with a red X in it??? o.0

J/k, I’m assuming I’m Tails. Yay! Tails rocks! ^^

Lance, if you even think of wearing a hat…

We’ll have problems.

EDIT: Oops, looks like angelfire finally axed my page… hmmmmm, this post is a whole lot less funny now.

[quote=“Bluefoot”]Lance, if you even think of wearing a hat…

We’ll have problems.[/quote]

What worries me the most is that Knuckles wears gloves, shoes, a necklace, occasionally a hat… and never anything else?

And that’s the first time I’ve been accused of being a spammer, but hey, being Knuckles makes up for it. :slight_smile:

Whoops! I didn’t mean it that way… heh, sorry Lance :slight_smile:

w00t a Chao! Pefect =D
nice job :slight_smile: - , nevey you better take good care of me :wink:

Hmmm. So so far I’ve been Shadow, Aragorn, Timon, Boba Fett, and Leon Kennedy. I think it’s safe to assume that I rock. Thank you people <3

Overall they’re pretty good choices, Nevey, well done. I havent’ been able to figure out who I’m meant to be though, as the image won’t display, but the rest of the characters are pretty well suited for the most part.

You’re the Final Hazard. And for those who can’t figure it out, Orta is Cream, Geoff is Chaos, Sharpie is Tails, and Gehn is Charmee Bee </3

Charmee Bee pwns thee!

I’m a big fat cat… with bowel problems :frowning:

I’d rather be Froggy!

But Froggy doesn’t fart =P

I got the lead role… I’m so hot 8)

I take it that’s what inspired your new sig xD

Only if you win the races :wink:

Heh, it’s nice to know that most people are happy with their characters :slight_smile:


I take it that’s what inspired your new sig xD[/quote]

Hell, I have a pic you know. You wanna be the judge? :smiley:

Bring it on :wink: