Sonic and the Secret Rings


It features Sonic alone this time without any needless distractions.

Do you guys believe there’s any hope for this title after the fiasco that was Shadow The Hedgehog and Sonic for the 360/PS3?

Not that I actually care of course. I’m sure some of you are expecting it to fail. Forgive me for being so pessimistic, but I’m just wondering how many of you are looking forward to this.

Every review I have seen for Sonic 360 seems to have written by one of the “Sonic shouldn’t be 3D EVA” crowd. The review in one of the newspapers over here was case-in-point: 100 words of how the reviewer enjoyed Sonic 1 and 2 on Genesis, before concluding with one sentence that basically said “this game is shit, don’t buy it”. I haven’t actually played 360 myself, although I have played Shadow and…uh…it killed a weekend. Sonic Team’s line about how you “don’t have to use weapons if you don’t want to” turning out to be an outright lie, or at least a very, VERY slim truth, did not help much towards its case.

We’ll see how Secret Rings turns out.

Do you know what (in my opinion) the most exciting Sonic game coming out is? Sonic the Hedgehog High Speed on the Xbox Live Arcade.

I’ve seen various pix of this game and it features Amy Rose,Tails and Knuckles in a playable form of the game so i’m not sure this is a stand alone Sonic title.

I tried Sonic for the 360 recently, and I can safely say the Sonic stages showed a lot of promise. Setting aside the bugs, the control was a bit loose, but Sega didn’t build on this strength quite as much as they could have.

Sega should make the needless distractions optional rather than force people to play through disparate control schemes for different characters to reach the fun parts (again and again).

Why rush it as well? Well actually I know the answer to that already.

I think Wii Sonic , will be like most of the Wii Line up, great at the start, but a month latter you?ll never want to see or play it again .

Does make me sick to see what happened to SONIC next gen , all in a pointless rush to get it out for the 15th anniversary (like the sheep really care) . Sonic Team have now become everyone?s fav whipping boys and it sometimes almost painful to read reviews and forums as everyone just focuses on Sonic Next Gen as proof SEGA lost it , and all the good staff have left, while overlooking all the good deals and good games coming out of SEGA of late .

Plus what really gets me is like with SEGA GT, GV you can see the promise in the game, with a bit more work and far more polish (easier said than done I know) it could have really been a winner . Its clear to me that?s there?s people in the Sonic Team that worked hard on this and there?s some brilliant moments in the title, but Sonic Team really need to sort out their Quality control and bug test dept , because they is something deeply wrong with that part of the Sonic Team And as a result the very Team that created Sonic are slowly killing him off with rushed and buggy games . Proff of that is who poor Sonic Next Gen sold , which as just bombed in the USA and only sold ok-ish inthe UK.

It comes to somthing when even a life long Sonic fan like my brother kid doesn’t want to play Sonic the Next Gen becasue its so poor. Somtimes I wish I could Convey this to the Sonic Team in the small hope they listen . This isn?t good enough , Sonic is fast going the way of Lara in the Core days

Since Sonic Team has gotten so terrible since the days of the Dreamcast, I absolutely hope that a remake or sequel for Nights Into Dreams is NEVER made.

This game actually looks promising. It looks nice, and has no crappy extra characters (in the main mode, at least). Just straight up Sonic action is what it looks like its going to be.
IGN actually has a new preview up.

Every 3D Sonic game I’ve played has been shite the 2D ones were classics and were way more awesome than shitty Mario. So yeah I think it will fail people don’t care about sonic anymore but like Nintendo they milk there mascots.

You can’t compare the old 2D games with the newer 3D ones, two different games. That said, that’s not an excuse for the poor games we’ve been receiving. The 3D games will never be as good as the 2D classics you remember, take them for what they are instead.

I for one, will definitely get this game as the first for the Wii, it looks great imo.

Wait for reviews first! That Sonic racer on PS2 looked and sounded promising too at first…

^^^^Well I’m definitely not getting it day one, so some reviews will be out.

I didn’t think Sonic Riders (was that the one?) looked to promising, but I know what you mean.

But just looking at this game and the direction it’s going, one cannot help but be excited for its outcome.

I sense overflowing fanboyism. O_o You must be a pretty bitter gamer to sit down with the original Super Mario Bros. and instantly understand why that thing almost single handedly saved console gaming.

And the first Sonic Adventure was very good if you ask me, I certainly had no regrets about getting it shortly after my Dreamcast.

[quote=“Pedro The Hutt”]

I sense overflowing fanboyism. O_o You must be a pretty bitter gamer to sit down with the original Super Mario Bros. and instantly understand why that thing almost single handedly saved console gaming.

And the first Sonic Adventure was very good if you ask me, I certainly had no regrets about getting it shortly after my Dreamcast.[/quote]

Actually I couldn’t give 2 shiny shits about Sonic but I have a deep hatred for mario. I liked the games when I was a kid i barely remember them.

And is there any rational reason for that hatred for the happy plumber? (And just so you know, four letter swears make you seem neither threatening nor intelligent)

Well this one is supposedly going to be different from the other 3D Sonics. In this one, Sonic is always running forward and the camera stays put behind his back. It’s also going to be all about Sonic, but you can unlock Mario Party style minigames that feature the other characters.

I think this gives me more hope on this game. Keep the good news coming!

Their is a new trailer on IGN, shows off a lot of gameplay footage and levels, along with many of the minigames and characters you can select.

What I’m curious about, is that in the corner of the screen when Sonic is running around, why the ring count is always some number say x/999, is 999 the maximum amount of rings in any given level?

Also aside from rings, what are those shiny glowing orbs you are able to pick up, the ones that look like small fireballs, do they in some way tie in with the gauge on the right side of the screen? Didn’t seem like it since when he pick them up the gauge remains the same, I could be wrong however.

yes, there are 999 rings per level.
and the orbs do fill up the gauge on the right. From the new video that was posted up, there are two moves that drain it: one that makes you run faster, and the other slows down time.

Indeed, something which Sega explained back at E3. o: (And please please let us have language select, so I do not have to deal with the american voice cast. XD)