Sonic 2k6 features very Panzer Dragoon-ish music

haha wow, been a while since I’ve been here. Good to see its still ticking over, even if the Sega we knew and loved is long since dead, along with any chance of a new Panzer ;___;

Anyway, down to business! The new Sonic game for PS3 and X360, while utter bilge, seems to feature some pretty decent musics! And they feel very much like techno’d up Panzer Dragoon tracks. You can listen to a few on the new US site: … /index.php

Track 2 specifically reminds me of either the Forbidden Zone music or the Imperial Base in the Mist music. Not sure if I have those tracks to hand to give a listen and confirm, so tell me what you think. Jun Senuoe finally isnt doing the soundtrack for this game, so a new style that isnt godawful buttrock!

wow that is crazy. Track 2 totally reminds me of panzer as well. Track one even has some minor hints of the old PD1 title track .

Aye, tracks 1 and 2 are very similar to Panzer music. But, then again, Sega made PD, and they are also making this game. It’s not a real surprise to me.

Lets just hope Sonic Team clean up the new Sonic game before it’s released.

That track certainly does sound like the Forbidden Zone. Interesting.

ok i might be a bit late…


also… OMG the music !!! damn track 1 is panzerish enough, and the start of track two… defo forbidden zone

Very different for a Sonic game! I definitely intend to pick this up day 1. I’m a big Sonic fan :anjou_love: .

Track 2 instantly reminded me of the music from the first boss in Panzer II.

Nice videos you have there (if you uploaded them), good way to remember Zwei without having a Saturn. Man that game rocks…

They do sound just like Panzer Dragoon tracks they’re great.

A bit off subject but why the hell did they rename Dr. Robotnik ‘Eggman’? I used to be a huge fan of sonic when I was about 8 but I don’t think they should have changed Robotnik’s name.

Eggman is the original japanese name of the character, and was changed to Robotnick in the North American and European versions of the Genesis/Megadrive games.

Eggman became known in NA/Eur again probably because of the Dreamcast games (Sonic Adventures 1 & 2), which featured the original japanese dubs.

But the “main” notes of this track seem to be directly inspired by the Forbidden zone theme in Saga…

Sonic 2nd track to me is like a combination of EP 1 music from Zwei (more for the rattle sound effects in the background) and the forbidden zone from saga , plus just like Zwei music, Where its sounds ok-ish @ 1st but then really starts to grown on you.
Track 3 reminds me a bit of Sonic CD music, and the track one reminds me a bit of Tomb Raider. Must say pretty awesome music score so far

I can?t wait for the game just hope its not other PDZ letdown, with the official website playing some amazing tunes, but the final game is a waste of time


That second track has to be based upon the music from the Forbidden Zone. It has to!

I also see what you mean about the first one; it does have a distinctive feel to it. You’ll have me trawling the soundtracks now, looking for tracks that it reminds me of . . .

P.S. Hello, everyone! :anjou_happy:

Had the game for a bit now, kinda sucks. :anjou_sigh:

the final boss in Sonic’s story is a dragon (egg-wyvern) that fires blue homing lasers. :anjou_wow:

I’ve had the game for a while too. Shame really this game has some very good moments and could have been one of the best .

Sadly letdown by the worst controls and bug testing I’ve ever seen in a SEGA game. The producers and the Team need to look @ thier self’s It’s clear that some people worked hard on this, and it clear that other didn’t.

Maybe its time to let someone else inthe SEGA Group make the new Sonic . I love to see the JSRF Team have a say in some of the levels and Art myself . Seeing as Sonic is very much like being on a Roll coaster ride, and some of that design in JSRF would work perfect in a new Sonic Game imo.
I also like to see a 2D Sonic game made in the style of ViewtifulJoe. Cell shaded 3D backgrounds but gameplay in 2d.

These days though, I happily settle for a Sonic 3D game , that feels finished and one with no issues over cheap deaths or poor controls and buggy gameplay

I have a better idea, Sega should just kill their worthless little hedgehog. Sonic was cool in the 90s…but not anymore. If Sega needs a new mascot, Lagi fits the bill perfectly.

Truth be told, Sega’s original mascot, Alex Kidd, was way cooler than Sonic ever was – and that isn’t saying much.

The millions of Sonic fans around the world would disagree with you, but that’s neither here nor there.

Whatever you say, Abadd. Whatever you say. The Sonic franchise is as as stale, if not more so, than fossilized pig shit.

Was there not initially talk of the game being a modern version of the original? That would have ruled.


Whatever you say, Abadd. Whatever you say. The Sonic franchise is as as stale, if not more so, than fossilized pig shit.[/quote]

Hey Abadd is right and I quite like that little Blue fella myself. Sonic Rush is also a bloody gem of a game, better than the 2D update of Mario onthe DS imo.

Trouble is the 3D side of things and it pains me to see that SEGA after the stunning 1st 3D outing, just can’t even get the basics right in most of the follow ups (Sonic Adv II wasn’t bad) . That said it’s not just the Sonic Team having trouble after a fantasic 1st outting in 3D.

Mario SS was tosh, and the same goes for Rayman III, mind you at least the those games had a stable controls and game engine to them , Sonic The Hedehog hasn’t even got that, despite a masive Team working in it :frowning: (maybe thats parts of the problem )

The 3D sonic games all seem to lack something. I don’t get the same feeling as when I play the old Genesis games. I’m not sure why, but that’s how I feel.

Also, the introduction of crappy characters really downgrades the experience. shadow was good in SA2; they should have left him dead instead of ruining the character.

The 2D sonic games have been keeping the franchise alive. Hopefully the Wii version can help.

I personally think the only way to ever really capture the feel of the 2D games, would be to do the exact opposite of what’s obvious, the obvious being what they’ve been doing so far. In essence they have been trying to impose 2D progression onto a 3D game, only for some stages in SA1 but that’s been the main format for all the subsequent games. In the original games you can basically go anywhere you want, it’s just the fact that it’s 2D and ‘side scrolling’ that tends to reduce the progression to either forward or backwards. There’s simply no good reason to impose that same polarity on a 3D experience.

Instead go with completely open levels, objective based gameplay that requires different challenges within those levels, which then transparently dictates the ‘tracks’ you must find and follow. The “museum” in Sonic Jam was, to me, suggestive of a far better transition to 3D than any of the actual games have been, or it would be if it was a little faster. Ditch the stupid roller-coaster gameplay and instead build an engine around a high resolution collision model with lots of bizarre rolling hills and skate-park style scenery elements. Then when you drop a roller-coaster into some of those levels its a lot more interesting by contrast as well.

But imagine how much more rewarding it would be to find bonuses in some impossible looking location, if you actually have to figure out how to get there using elements that aren’t obviously related, go completely off the beaten path and find just the right angle and spin on an organic ramp element…

The core elements are there for something truly phenomenal, but instead they apparently think only these shallow connect-the-dots, worthless-story driven, bubble-gum, disposable action fixes are going to sell.