Some sort of Happy New Year thread

Seeing as I missed the Merry Christmas thread entirely, I thought I’d make up by creating the Happy New Year thread.

Because I’m still quite hung over, I’m just going to say Happy New Year, insert a bunch of :anjou_loves:, and post.

Happy New Year. :anjou_love:

I just came home from Porto Novo. Completely wasted. Off to bed. A zowy new year to everyone!!

Well I can’t say I did anything for new year. I went to bed at 11pm on New Years Eve :anjou_embarassed:. But the next day I climbed a mountain, so I think I have an excuse!

Have a great new year all.

happy new years

I spent my New Year trolling. Yes, I had fun.

I figure if I start off the New Year a terrible person, I have nowhere to go but up over the course of the next twelve months.