Some nice PD fanart that I hadn't seen before

While on a search for other things I chanced across the following Japanese PD site, which I don’t remember seeing before. It seems to be fanfiction-based, and although Japanese fanfiction normally wouldn’t be of much use to non-Japanese speaking fans, it has some strikingly nice fanart too; I thought it was quite authentic-looking. It’s dated within the last year, and I don’t remember anyone mentioning this before so I thought I’d post about it. Have a look:

Some nice art there I must say

Love it.Great find indeed.

Wow, very nice. Is all the artwork from Panzer Dragoon (the original) or did I just not look hard enough? :anjou_embarassed:

It’s fan made man.


Yeah, I figured that! But what I meant was: is all the artwork based on the original Panzer Dragoon game/story?

I think Gehn meant that they’re from a fan-made story; at least, they’re original character and dragon designs, and looking at the site through an auto-translator it sounds like they tie in with a fanfiction project. (The seventh image along in the gallery does look to have a Solo Wing dragon in it as well as the new rider and his new dragon, though.) I thought it all looked quite nice, and quite in-keeping with the style of official designs.

Hey Lance,

On closer (read: proper) inspection, I would have to say you are probably right.

The boy in the photos seems really sad… :anjou_sad:

He looks a little like Paet, don’t you think? And the guy with the Craymen style coat looks like one of the pirates from Rayman 2.

(just realises that the Craymen logo on that coat means that this is not all based on the original Panzer Dragoon) :anjou_embarassed:

Cuuuuuuute! XD

Wow- it is neat to see Panzer stuff done in a different style. Awesome find!

I think I should produce some fake PD design sketches and sell them on the internet or something. copic markers just kick ass.

They also cost an arm and a leg. Atolm bought a set for $300…

You mean this guys :

That’s what I thought of him right away.I bet that had Paet artwork with them when they drew his face.

Btw the “hero” seems to be a girl.

Do you think so? I’m fairly sure he’s meant to be a boy - have a look at the first sketch:

Also, this main image of him:

… reminded me of the hunter artwork for Panzer Dragoon Zwei:

… though I thought he might also be intended as an ex-Imperial pilot, as his hat and jacket look quite “well-made”.

The first image you posted is exactly the one that makes him/her look like a gril to me.Just look at him/her without the helmet/hat/whatever it’s called.

Actually I see what you mean, that isn’t as distinctly boy-ish as I’d first thought. However, an auto-translation of the site’s story / synopsis page does seem to say that this dragon rider’s a guy; I’m fairly sure that I skimmed over this yesterday, which is why I was already convinced:

*New life mecca near combined * boy heroism soldier ?W?F?m. He is the survivor of the special attack maneuvers.

He was helped, real intention of the dragon whose legend is blue?
With the ?t?l of old century the ?S ?? it is, purpose of the dragon of six feathers?
Traveling is long, distance is endless.
Is, but the boy goes.
While with the dragon which you rely on, jumping over the boundary of actuality and fantasy, easily.
It flies through the sky, crawls area, is somewhere aiming toward the " true world "…*

Hello, I’m Takuji Yamamoto. An old SEGA fan.
After a long my hesitation, I simplified and reconstructed our old site of PD fanart today.
It was made my brother and me over 15 years ago.

Unfortunatelly, all the writtings were in Japanese, but now we available DeepL and other tools. Enjoy them if you like.
‒ Papers, Documents, and Phantasmagorias ‒

with the best regards


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