The Underground: A Panzer Dragoon Saga fanfic

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THE UNDERGROUND: After the 25th anniversary of Panzer Dragoon Saga, I finally released the 1st and 2nd scenes of a fan-made short story in English!
This short story consists of 10 scenes, and I update two every weekend (from 4th March 2023).
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A half-century after the story of Panzer Dragoon Saga, Leeback Keygan runs a clinic in a poverty area in the Empire capital. He is not a physician but also an experienced explorer. Now he tells his unforgettable memory of his youth.

The boy felt uncomfortable with daily life and Imperial managerialism. The ancient ruins under the capital used to be his refuge. One day, he got lost in the tunnel. A young explorer helped Leeback, and this mysterious companion led him deep into the labyrinth instead of the exit…

and, I express thanks to you all for the great fan-made website and community Panzer Dragoon Legacy. Many years ago, I decided to learn English to talk with many PD fans worldwide on this site!


I read it and I look forward to reading more when you add to it later. I like it a lot.

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On the 28th anniversary of Panzer Dragoon original game, I updated the 3rd and 4th scenes of the fan-made short story of Panzer Dragoon Saga, THE UNDERGROUND.

The strange companion in the ruins told a story about “The Great Fall” to the narrator, The words were so enigmatic…

Then I asked, “Is he still alive?”
A tiny light of emotion appeared in his eyes. “I’m sure.”

I hope you enjoy reading it. :anjou_love:

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I wonder what’s going to happen next? :thinking:

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I updated the 5th and 6th scenes of the short story.

The narrator of this story, Leeback, ran away from his creepy companion, and Meccania men caught Leeback straying in the cave to attempt to beat the information about “her.”

At last, you can hear “her” familiar voice after two decades interval…


I updated the 7th and 8th scenes of the fanfiction about the videogame Panzer Dragoon Saga in this weekend :anjou_happy:

[Introduction of Scene 7]
A mysterious companion ―a girl― saved the narrator from the guardian, an ancient bioweapon in the ruin. She became exhausted by the negotiation…

Then she looked at me with half-closed eyes, which looked like sharp-edged sickles. My heart started to beat faster because she was so close to my face.

"Take me to the Node,” she said.

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Looking forward to the next parts of the story.

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At last, I completed it!
If you have any ebook readers, an EPUB version is also available.

Many years ago, I read fanfictions of the members on this great website before I attempted to do my fan-made novel project. They strongly inspired me.

In actual fact, my protagonist in “the underground” is not my original character. A Japanese novelist Yu Godai created him as a side character in her novel Panzerdragoon Orta :orta_wink:, published in 2004. His name was “Leeback Keygan.” He was an experienced physician who helped Orta in the Imperial Capital. He obviously knew and loved Azel, but the reason wasn’t explained so much in the story. Maybe Ms. Godai has her own unpublished episode.

A great original story leads to fanfiction, and fanfiction leads next new stories. Homer created great fanfiction about the ancient Greek myth 28 hundred years ago. Vergilius made Homer’s fanfiction after 8 hundred years as “Aeneis”. Next, Dante wrote his fanmade story of the Aeneid as “Divine Comedy” in the 14th century.

Oh, it’s not an overblown explanation. Fanfictions have motivated our imaginative world. If you have an idea, don’t hesitate to make your fanfiction. I’m looking forward to new wonderful stories!


Thank you for writing this great Panzer Dragoon story. I just finished reading it.

Thank you for reading!

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