Soce the Elemental Wizard - "BAAB"

NYC’s local well known geek-core hip-hop artist SOCE “The Elemental Wizard” (pronounced so-say) recently recorded a track dedicated to one of the great staples of modern gaming - THE GAME PAD BUTTON-COMBO MOVE!


The song is called BAAB, and while I’m sure it’s NOT going to be EVERYBODY’S cup of tea, I thought that some of you might have the capacity to enjoy a listen and maybe even crack a smile.

Soce The Elemental Wizard - BAAB

You can check out the regular version of the song there, and a bunch of his fans (including myself) and Soce himself made this neat fan-centric video version of his song.

BAAB Fan Video - Soce The Elemental Wizard & Fans

If you look fast in the last half you can catch ME showing the PSP some love by using it as a video mouthpiece.

Fun times.