So I seen tne new Star Wars pic (NOW CONTAINS SPOILERS)

And i was very dissapointed. To me it just didn’t cut it as the film it should have been chronicling an important event in SW mythos. terrible job ,Lucas.

Tch, I absolutely loved it. Don’t tell me you’re one of those Prequel Trilogy haters who would’ve trashed Ep. III even if it ended up rivalling RotK.

But since I’m in a happy mood, debate with me here, give me some reasons why you hated it. And don’t even begin with “it sucks”, good and bad do not exist within movies, it’s all personal preference.

Did you need to be so aggresive in your questioning?

Mainly the sense of urgency was absent in this film. They all seem to be plodding along and the fight sequences was n’t that good compared to the fast and furious lightsaber battles in the last two. The wookies and general grevious was n’t adding anything to the story and i didn’t think the acting was that great. The actor of palpatine was the only consistant performance throughout and I didn’t think the guy who played anakin sold his turning. He didn’t sell how evil he became that well.

I saw it as well and thought it was the best of the three prequels.

I agree with Goonboy that Grevious and the Wookies didn’t add anything. But I thought the light saber battles were better than in recent years.

The first three episodes in my opinons were there to just set up the larger events that ocurred in 4-6.

The transformation of Anakin over to the dark side wasn’t done as well as it could have been but i blame some of that on the actor that plays skywalker, he seems too immature in the movie when he is supposed to be a great Jedi.

Hmm, I liked Hayden’s performance, can’t think of any other actor fitting the young Anakin look that could’ve pulled it off. >.>;; It certainly was better than in Ep. II, and keep in mind that he had Lucas as a director here. XD

But now that you mention it, Grievous and the Wookiees indeed weren’t necassery, they were probably there to please fans of Chewie and/or of the Clone Wars cartoon. But hey, in comparison, the Tom Bombadil chapters from Lord of the Rings didn’t advance the plot either, yet for some readers it’s one of their favourite parts of the book.

And my apologies for my phrasing from before. With all those people out there who hate the PT for no apparent reason, it’s hard to see the forest through the trees. But you have reasons. =D So I can accept your opinion. XD

I haven’t seen it yet, unfortunately, but I will do soon. My friends have decided that we’re going on Tuesday, but I want to see it earlier than that… I’m tempted to go without them!

Episodes I and II… I enjoyed them. There are some poorly done parts in them, but overall I thought that they were quality movies. Contrary to what many people think about Anakin Skywalker’s awkward lines, I actually think that kind of personality fits the young Vader quite well. He was perhaps a bit too passionate towards certain things (i.e. Padme) and that can make him seem a bit unbelievable at times, but that contributes well to the obsessive personality of Darth Vader in episodes IV, V, and VI. From what I’ve seen in the first two prequels, they compliment the story of the original trilogy very well, and I hope that Revenge of the Sith continues that and ties the Saga together in a satisfying way.

Oh and thanks guys for not posting any unmarked spoilers… lets keep it that way, even though most of us ultimately know what happens anyway. :anjou_happy:

SWD: It doesn’t happen the way you think it does it’s more sutble.

PTH: And i think that’s why a lot of people have missed the point in the prequel trilogy. The whole thing is it’s sutble not out and out action which is the OT.

— Spoiler, hover over blank space to view: —
Yes their may be annoying aspects of the character but if the fanboy press didn’t openly criticize Jar jar binks then he would have actually met his end in Episode 3 but Lucas kept him alive to annoy the fans on purpose.Remeber the whole thing is a tradegy and Jar Jar and young Anakin are the most innocent of all the characters in the PT.

But the point was the main character Palpatine is sutble in nature and doesn’t reveal himself until the end so his actions are a disguise in nature and not clear cut. The enemy in the PT is not obvious as it is in the OT.

But I didn’t like it.

I’m going to edit your point about Jar Jar, Goonboy… I just think it would be best left as a surprise. Don’t want to seem like I’m interfering unnecessarily, but I know from past experience that too many spoilers can ruin a movie.

But yeah… subtle is good IMO. I like the way Sidious was portrayed as a “behind the scenes” bad guy in all the other Star Wars movies, although to a lesser extent in Return of the Jedi.


Hahaha, true true.

Then has Lucas become shit? THX,American graffiti and Star Wars Episode IV:A New Hope are very good movies. In fact they’re great films.

Yet the other SW films he made are very lazy filmaking and story approch. He doesn’t demand passion from his actors. In the case of Palpatine not only does he get the best lines but he’s the most passionate performer throughout the PT especially in revenge. You believe that this is Palpatine and not the actor Ian McDrimand. Not once did i start to think that McGreagor and Natalie Portman and whoever else was the character that they were portraying. Dang it the CGI characters were better actors than half of the cast in this film. It’s embarrasing. An old pro like Christopher lee who isn’t working that hard basically outacted all of the actors beside Palpatine in
Episode 2 and they were hardly in it. And the guy who played jango Fett is the same thing he was hardly in it but when he was you paided attention.

Either Lucas didn’t care about these actors or the people i just mentioned are absolute proffestionals than the bigger names that appeared on these films.

Well, I ended up seeing it today. In my opinion, Revenge is by far the best of the prequels - it really is a must see movie. Simply awesome. Ian McDrimand, especially, did an excellent job at portraying his job in this movie. I also thought that Anakin was much better in this movie, and his transition towards the dark side was beautifully done.

It’s sad though, that this will be last Star Wars movie. I’m glad that it is as there isn’t any way to realistically continue the storyline without things seeming contrived, but at the same time part of me wishes that there could be more. However, Revenge of the Sith is an excellent conclusion the prequels and ties all of the movies together extremely well.

SPOILERS all over this post…

This was my favourite of all 6 movies.I absolutely loved it.5 times better than Episode 2.

I strongly disagree with you Goonboy when you say Palpatine was the only good actor.Ewan McGregor (so I always liked him a bit) was great as Obi-Wan.Hayden … I didn’t like him so much in Ep2 but I think he did a terrific job.Padm? was well portrayed too.Sure people have a problem saying that loud because she is the character that has too do all the crying but I think she was well played.

As far as scenes are concerned this movie had a pretty good library.I actually liked Grevious alot.He had style.Which reminds me this is the first of all the movies where I never felt even remotely bored.The Wookies weren’t important but they were a nice touch. The only part I think that could have done better was when he killed the kids.At that point in the movie it was too big a leap in terms of how evil he had turned.The actions sequences were very cool.When Sidious started throwing those platforms in the senate agehnst Yoda…nice.

Personally I think this was the most powerful movie of the 6 in terms of emotions.It moved me.None of the other movies did that.

Btw I loved the fact they re-used the music theme played in Episode 1 in the fight agehnst Darth Maul.Epic.

This movie surprised me.I liked Episodes 4, 5 and 6;loved Episode 1;liked Episode 2 but the Revenge of the Sith was brilliant.It was better balanced than the other movies if you asked me.I’m only sad it means story’s over :frowning:

SPOILERS above people…

So they won’t create the three final chapters then? Or did I remember wrong, reading that the original three movies were the middle three parts of the whole story with these “Episode” movies being the beginning? What about the ending then?

Gehn: (start of spoilers) Yeah, the way that Anakin killed the younglings so soon after he became Darth Vader did seem quite shocking.(end of spoilers)

I’ve heard that there were plans at one stage to make episodes 7, 8, and 9 as well, but I don’t think there was really ever a proper story for them. Return of the Jedi was the true ending to the story of Darth Vader’s life and the rise of the Empire so there really isn’t anyway that the story could continue without inventing new bad guys. If you’ve seen the special edition of Episode 6 you’ll notice that George Lucas added an extended ending which showed the imperial capital celebrating their new found freedom… since the Emperor was dead, I’m guessing the clones were also freed from obeying the Emperor as well.

The way I see it, the Star Wars “hexilogy” (is that even a word?) is the story about a boy (and his family) who was destined to “bring balance to the force” and he ended up doing exactly that. In Episodes 4, 5, and 6 there were an equal number of Jedi and Sith, until Luke became a Jedi - Yoda and Obi Wan on one side, and Vader and Sidious on the other.

I agree with Solo here, the end of episode VI is the best place to wrap up the story.

On if you look to the left you will find the plot summarys of for Episodes 7-9 by George Lucas. After reading them they are not even close in scope or creativity as the first movies. I’m glad they aren’t making those.

The Expanded Universe collection of novels and comics has now very much taken the place of Episodes VII-IX, as George Lucas explicitly declared them to be canon, and all of the various readers’ guides, sourcebooks et al for Star Wars refer to Expanded Universe material in their descriptions. There’s also the problem of the fact that the Episodes IV-VI actors are now all rather aged since the 1970s and we’d have difficultly visualising the Han Solo of yore.

It’s just such a pity, then, that the unimaginative, mind-numbingly predictable and ludicrously pro-Rebel Expanded Universe is a catastrophic waste of wood pulp. :anjou_disappointment:

As for Episode III itself, (Start of spoilers)the film garners an overwhelming “meh” from me. It was fairly decent, and irrefutably superior to the preceding prequels… but then, to be frank, that isn’t saying much.

George Lucas’s obsessive-compulsive whoring out of CGI is once again in evidence, and I can’t deny that this has generated a good deal of spectacle, from the inflamed shell of the Jedi Temple to the collapse of the station on Mustafar. Anakin’s torching was also suitably gruesome.

But curse that infernal, wretched, poisonous blue screen! Any astonishment and awe that such mighty vistas might have generated was crushed, pulped, and ground out by the witheringly, appallingly, embarrasingly poor acting and dialogue. A case in point is the opening space battle over Coruscant. This should have been an exhilerating, mesmerising, pulse-pounding and rip-roaring rollercoaster of a scene… but a stake was thrust through the heart of the drama the moment Skywalker and Kenobi opened their mouths and we were belaboured by their dreary, uninspired monotone, where they talked as if they were whiling away a boring business conference rather than ducking and weaving for their lives.

The puerile dialogue continued yet further - another truly cringeworthy moment was during the Mustafar battle. Anakin pouts “From my point of view the Jedi are evil.” From my point of view?! This is supposed to be a battle to the death, not a session at a school debating society! In that one instant a ferocious and impassioned explosive collision of wills deflated into a petty playground squabble. “Jedi aren’t evil!” “Yes they are!” “Are not!” “Are too!” “Are not!” “Are too!” …etcetera, ad nauseam et mortis.

CGI can be a great asset when handled appropriately. A case in point is Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow. That used even more CGI than Star Wars, astonishingly enough, but as the Sky Captain’s modified Spitfire roared through the streets of Manhatten I found my body swaying with its outrageous maneouveres - music, sight, and speech sounded out in impeccable harmony to create an emotionally captivating piece of cinema. George Lucas has only been able to achieve the visual aspect (even John Williams seemed to fall flat here, his score devoid of such definitive themes like the Imperial March), and so the result is an awful mess. In all honesty, George Lucas is simply a director whose talent is grossly overrated. He gives no potential for his actors to express themselves, but instead treats them like the shoddy action figures you see lining the walls in Toys’R’Us - he even grabs hold of his actors and orders them to adopt specific positions before shooting. It’s no wonder, then, that the acting is so terrible - being treated like automatons must mean that everyone is bored out of their skulls.

There are a few aspects which lift Revenge of the Sith out of mid-table mediocrity. The confrontation between Mace Windu and Palpatine is well-realised, with Ian McDrimand giving a convincing performance of withered frailty when pretending to be ‘helpless’ before the Jedi, and Mace’s ruthlessly arbitrary denouncement (trying to kill Palpatine because the legitimate authorities won’t give him the verdict he wants) showing to Anakin that there is some justification in Palpatine’s analysis of a corrupt, self-righteous, power-grubbing and Illuminati-esque Jedi Order. Kenobi’s abandonment of the crippled Skywalker after lopping off his limbs in Mustafar is also one of the few moments of genuine emotiveness, particularly when Anakin, desperately scrabbling for a handhold and slipping towards an excruciating end, squeals and snarls his hatred of his former master. The final moments of the film are also effective, neatly forming the bridges that connect each triology.

However, these are merely a few highlights in an otherwise blank, bland and featureless plain. Revenge of the Sith is strictly average, nothing more.(End of spoilers)

[quote=“Felix”]I agree with Solo here, the end of episode VI is the best place to wrap up the story.

On if you look to the left you will find the plot summarys of for Episodes 7-9 by George Lucas. After reading them they are not even close in scope or creativity as the first movies. I’m glad they aren’t making those.[/quote]

Those scripts are false. I’ve seen countless SW documentries where Spielberg said that George originally wanted to do nine movies and that several things changed like the emperor was meant to have appeared in episode nine and Mark Hamil has stated several times in the main version of the scripts that George showed him,in episode nine his character appears in the last five minutes of the film and passes down his lightsabre to the next new hope in a kind of excaliber style.

And considering that many of the characters featured in these scripts are from the expanded universe novels i believe it’s some overzealous fan who made it up.

Consider yourselves lucky, though. The closest I’ve come to seeing the movie is reading these posts, because they won’t bring it here. Good or bad, I’d just like to see the movie myself…

Believe it or not I went to see the movie agehn last night.I even liked it better.