So I seen tne new Star Wars pic (NOW CONTAINS SPOILERS)


Where do you live? besides try downloading it if they won’t bring it to the cinemas.


Here is a statistic from Time magazine:

“16,000 - Number of simultaneous downloads of a pirated version the day the film was released.”


[quote=“Goonboy Panzer”]

Where do you live? besides try downloading it if they won’t bring it to the cinemas.[/quote]

I live in Kentucky. It’s to be expected unless you live in Louiseville, our so-called “big city.”

Besides, I won’t download it. I couldn’t pay the fine if I was caught. And I would get caught. I always get caught.


I doubt you’d get caught, but in all honesty, you’d probably be better off waiting for it come out on DVD anyway, as the quality of the leaked screener would ruin the experience.


Saw it last night. I thought it was good; well paced, well thought out, and they also got Anakin’s descent into bitchyness right.

Did anyone notice the genius little thing they did to make Anakin the same height as the original Darth Vader? (spoiler)Artificial Legs. (end of spoiler) Genius.


Arcie: (Spoilers, highlight to view) Yeah, I noticed that too… the emperor must have built Darth Vader’s costume to look tall and imposing on purpose. Also, in on of the later episodes (Return of the Jedi I think), Obi-wan tells Luke “He’s more machine now than man, twisted and evil”. By showing Anakin losing his arm, both legs, and also having his breathing controlled by a machine, Episode 3 confirms that to be very true. (End spoilers)


I thought III was the best out of all of them. The only thing that disapointed me was how quickly anakin turned to the dark side. It seemed very rushed with no build up - not very convincing. How he suddenly just goes totally under his control- lack of emotion i think

But i think it was great. I think in order of my preference it goes 3, 2, 5, 6, 4, 1


This last week I got a chance to review the latest version of the old trilogy.You know with enhanced visuals and all.

I liked Episode 5 a lot and Episode 6 had the best part of the old trilogy which is the whole Emperor/Luke/Vader scene.The fact that we get to see the same actor as emperor serves as a less virtual bridge between the Old and New trilogy.Episode 4 felt really old specially the fight between Obi Wan and Vader.My god!Even I had swifter moves than them! :stuck_out_tongue:

There was a strange touch in this altered version of Episode 6 tho which is in the end part

EP6 SPOILER--------------

When the specters of Obi Wan, Yoda and Anakin apear.In the original version Anakin would appear in it’s 50 year old version/unmasked Vader version.But in this version they decided to put Hayden Christensen.

I dunno if they are trying to imply Anakin died when he turned to the Dark side thus explaining why he appeared in his younger self (since obi wan was in his older form too;yoda I can only guess).But that doens’t go very well with the fact in the end he did turn to Light side again.



If anything I kind of find that replacing Sebastian Shaw Anakin with Hayden Christensen Anakin to sort of undermine the entire redemption of the character. <.<;;


I think my order of preference would go something like this (although I enjoyed all of them):

The Empire Strikes Back
Return of the Jedi = Revenge of the Sith
Attack of the Clones
A New Hope
The Phantom Menace

The last few could go in different order, but Empire definately goes up the top :slight_smile:


I dunno what’s the people’s issue with The Phantom Menace.I liked it very much.Sure it’s not the best in the series but it beats any of the old trilogy movie sin a lot of things.

For me it’s difficult to order the movies by perference.The only movie I dind’t thing ("man there’s this one part I would have skipped.It’s kind of boring) was Episode 3.That would certainly be on top of my list.

After watching the old trilogy agehn after a long time I can honestly say I wasn’t a Star Wars fan when I saw them.But I did become one when I saw Episode 1 back in 1999.The old trilogy is a completely different type of movies.They convey different feelings.I personally “fall in love” (im not THE fan but I sure began to admire/enjoy SW a lot after Ep1) with the new trilogy.

Regardless of what people say I think the old trilogy had some problems in terms of acting.Specially physical acting.People don’t have it on consideration most of the time but in a movie like SW I thing it’s critical to have believable movies.From Ep4 to 6 you do see a big progression tho.

The prequel trilogy was a little bashed by old time fans but I say that’s somewhat inevitable after 16 years.The ingredients are different.The Prequel story is a lot more dark and it has a lot more tension.

Anwyays Ill make three lists.One with my Prequel preferences, other with my Old preferences and one with both of them mixed.Ill include what I feel are the avoidable scenes for each movie.

Prequel trilogy :

First . Episode III - Revenge of the Sith

Second . Episode I - The Phantom Menace ( the battle between the Gungan and the droids was abit stretched out.Jar Jar would be a good character if he was given less importance)

Third .Episode II - Attack of the Clones (the factory scene.the chase scene at the beginning.I never like chases…Dooku doesn’t have any charisma.)
Old trilogy :**

First . Episode VI - Return of the Jedi (the teddy bears.their unrealistic table turn in battle agehnst the clones.Sebastian Shaw.They could ahve picked a younger [Vader is supose dot be what like 45] actor and one with a lower-pitched voice.Sure the mask does wonders to you but Shaw sounds like a grandpa)

Second . Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back (it’s a bit better than Ep6 in some aspects but it doens’t have Palpatine as much)

Third . Episode IV - A New Hope (15 mins of droids only?!I’ll take this oppurtunitty to say how unnecessary I feel C3PO is in the odl series.He’s given too many lines and time.R2 doens’t even talk and it’s 10 times more captivating.Maybe it’s because he doesn’t talk :p)

Old and Prequel together (overall) :


I’m sorry the old trilogy could never make me cry.The prequel trilogy almost did.


The thing that got me about the Phantom Menace was this exact scene:

(Darth Maul enters hallway)

Qui-Gon: You guys keep going, we’ll handle this.

(Everyone else runs off to take the ambassadors)

Hang on. There are about 20 people in the group, including Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon. They all have guns. Maul didn’t even have his light weapon drawn. They should have just shot him to pieces, not ran away and left the Jedi to fight him!


But that wouldn’t have been honourable! Jedi are alot like samurai really. XD (Even the word comes from the japanese word Jidai, which comes from Jidai Geki, or period plays/movies, which of course involve samurai)

And as to the Sebestian Shaw thing, Lucas should’ve corrected the prequels to fit the actors & suggested ages in the originals rather than adjusting the originals to fit the sequels. XD Or something.


Well, you could say that its a simillar scene if goku, gohan and loads of army peopler were facing cell… Goku/gohan would just say “leave this to us” cos the others wouldn’t stand a chance and just get in the way </bad dbz example>

I just don’t like stupid scenes - why i never liked ep. 1. Jar jar binks?? come on. even in ep. 2 with C3PO losing his head and body and getting them mixed up… stupid

ep. 3 seemed to be more… adult


I liked The Phantom Menace, it’s just that if I had to choose one Star Wars movie to put at the bottom of the list, that would be it. It’s the same with the Panzer Dragoon series. The original Panzer Dragoon wasn’t a bad game, but I prefer Zwei, Saga, and Orta over it.

I think this is the same reason as why many people here didn’t like Orta. We all have our own preconceived idea of what something is in our minds, and if it doesn’t live up to our personal expectations then we tend to be disappointed.

Another reason is the fact that the characters and worlds were quite different in the original trilogy and the prequel trilogy. The prequels were a much more serious, political based story, whereas the old school Star Wars movies could perhaps be classed as more “fun” as both entertainment and story telling. The prequels lacked a Han Solo type character (one of the best characters of the saga IMO), and generally had less humour than the original trilogy. What some people often forget though, is that the prequels needed to be grimmer for the story to fit in with the original trilogy. I think the character development in Episode I and II makes a whole lot more sense after seeing Episode III.

R2-D2 needs C3PO to be interesting in the first place, though. Without C3PO responding to R2, there wouldn’t be many scenes where we’d be able to “fill in” what R2 was thinking. Have you seen Wallace and Gromit before? Gromit, the dog, never talks, but is one of the most interesting characters because his master, Wallace is there to say things that further his character.

You could argue that C3PO loosing his head was homage to The Empire Strikes Back when he lost all his body parts in Cloud City. I’m not going to get into a debate about Jar Jar though. :anjou_happy:


The prequels didn’t have a story to tell that was the problem. And the two films were essentially a cartoon. When a cartoon series gives better definitions of the characters and are better acted (like Mace Windu) there is something fundementally wrong.

And why is this topic in Holy District? it should be in Liberal where it was first posted in!


The prequels story was far deeper than that of the old trilogy.

The cartoon was suposed to focus on less known characters.


Hmm, I’d actually agree with that, even if that doesn’t necessarily make it better in every way. The whole political side of the prequel story did give it an edge over the “defeat the evil empire” story found in the original trilogy.

Goonboy: I just thought that this topic would be better suited for the Holy District because it was more geared towards discussion than conversation. No offense intended, honest! :anjou_happy:


I only have a problem with the 3PO scene in AotC because it contradicts what happened in ESB, namely the poor droid shutting down straight away as opposed to both halves operating perfectly fine without the other.

But I do agree that beneath all the apparent slapstick of Ep I & II, that the prequel trilogy is far more tragic than the sequels. Of course, this is because we have to see the downfall of Anakin while the originals lead up to his redemption.


There’s lots of contradictions in ROTS also a lot of unanswered questions and to some degree hints that a sequel may be on the way.

In the first half of the movie,Anakin and Obi Wan saved Palpatine from a ship that was basically going to crash. Now the guy wasn’t concerned about this fact regardless how it turned out in the end.These guys were crawling around broken eleavator shafts for god’s sake.

ROTJ: Palpatine is thrown into a hole by Vader still using his force lightning powers. After seeing ROTS i can’t believe for one second that Palpatine was killed by this especially when he damaged Vader more than Vader managed to do to him. And before people say it was from a great height and the death star got blown up well in ROTS, essentially they were in space when the ship was going out of order and they couldn’t escape due to the hanger bays being destroyed. He could have easily been killed and there was a good chance that the jedi might have failed to “rescue” him,unless Palpatine knew if things went wrong he couldn’t be harmed.