Slow music variations in PDS

In PDS is it only the PAL version where in certain FMV’s that have music (like the first camp site with Gash on disc 1 and in the Village of the Seekers with Gash when he shows you that video) where the music is played at a much slower rate than it does during the game? Or is this in the NTSC versions as well?

I never specifically noticed that in the NTSC version. Doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen.

The music doens’t slow down : the music is a different one.

It is slower yes but in essence it’s just a remix of the camp theme.

Gehn’s right; those two tracks are loose remixes in the FMVs.

You can get the faster (level version) Seeker’s Stronghold music at The Panzer Place. The site’s owner recorded it in from the Saturn, as I’m going to be doing with the NiGHTS soundtrack (see the topic “NiGHTS Into Dreams soundtrack” if you’re interested).

There are a few other variations in the soundtracks themselves of PDS, like the two versions of “Giant Being 1” and the slight differences in certain tracks on the Mini soundtrack when compared to the Complete/Memorial albums (have/am getting). For example, the track “Forbidden Land” had its treble band raised for the Mini album.

Also, there are some annoyances; many of the tracks on the Complete Album only loop once; but clearly that is for space reasons and nothing else. And, some even begin to fade out before the first loop has finished, which is incredibly annoying. :anjou_sigh:

And let us not forget the single greatest annoyance ever about any of the Panzer Dragoon Saga soundtrack albums: No (slightly remixed?) “Expected Enemy”! :anjou_sad:

Sorry, I didn’t mean slows down, it’s just slower. I figured since I use a PAL system that it’s because the FMVs are running at a slower speed, thus so is the audio. They aren’t different track either - just slower (or remixed if you like) versions of the ones you hear in the in-game sections.

I personally like them, as they really fit the mood of the situation that is being depicted in the FMV. If you are proficiant enough with audio software, you can replicate them from the in-game audio that appears on the OST.

Ancient Weapon! You gave me a great idea, while doing the NiGHTS ones, could you see if you could grab a recording of the Expected Enemy/Guardian Dragon music on PDS?

Scott + everyone else : pay attention - the “different” version from PDS is the one from Craymen’s Zwei soundtrack.

I don’t know why but that’s the file I have.And I assume that’s the file Solo has too.

well… i have the one from the zwei album and I would like to know exactly what the difference is between that and the one played in Saga.

That awesome part starting 02:29 isn’t featured in Zwei.But it is in Saga.

They are different. Listen to the Cainus FMV track and then to the camp music - some instruments are different or omitted. Also, I believe the Seeker’s Stronghold tracks are at a slightly different pitch and also have some differences in orchestration.

The fact that you have PAL doesn’t have anything to do with it in this respect - Saga was actually properly converted for PAL and so has been sped up to compensate for the frame rate and such. I know, because I use the PAL version too.

And I don’t believe the FMVs have been affected anyway. If they were slower, I think you would notice it in the characters’ voices, but they all sound fine to me, so I have to come to the conclusion that the FMVs were not affected by the 50Hz conversion. :anjou_happy:

They may sound similar (after a lot of work), but the fact is that they are different tracks. Also, slowing down audio tracks tends to produce a pretty bad ‘dragging’ sound in my opinion, and what you said doesn’t sound practical; it probably wouldn’t work. And of course, the resulting tracks would be different due to the orchestration and pitch differences which I mentioned.

I would have been willing to do this - if there was a way to turn off the sound of the dragon’s wings throughout the battle. :anjou_disappointment: But anyway, I think they just featured the ‘extended’ (entire) track on the Zwei soundtrack and in Saga, but not in Zwei itself. You may well have the extended version already, as Gehn said:

The track to which Gehn refers comes from the Zwei soundtrack itself and appears to contain the extra part - but in the game itself, it seems to loop before that part. Another strange oddity about the PD world that we’ve found! :anjou_wow:

Anyway, I’ll have a look. I should be fighting the Guardian Dragon in Saga soon; I’ll compare! :anjou_happy:

I’ll record the short version of The Expected Enemy (from Zwei), out of interest, and put that up. :anjou_happy:

[quote=“Ancient Weapon”]

I would have been willing to do this - if there was a way to turn off the sound of the dragon’s wings throughout the battle. :anjou_disappointment: But anyway, I think they just featured the ‘extended’ (entire) track on the Zwei soundtrack and in Saga, but not in Zwei itself. You may well have the extended version already, as Gehn said:[/quote]

is it me, or has that post changed dramatically from what i read last?

Heh, well, I edited it to make it a little more clear. :anjou_embarassed:

I’ve recorded the slightly shorter version of The Expected Enemy from Zwei; that should be uploaded to my website soon - I’ll let you know.

As I said, as far as I can tell, the full version of the track was on the Zwei soundtrack and in Panzer Dragoon Saga, but for whatever reason, not in the Zwei game itself. They probably added that extra bit a 2:29 as an afterthought.

Hope this helps! :anjou_happy:

I asked this on gfaqs but it seems the PDS board is mostly deserted now.
It seems people are finally familar with the difference in “Expected Enemy” from PDZ to Saga…Ages ago I asked around and noone knew wtf I was talking about :anjou_sad:

Where would I find this? Every version of EE I could find on the net didn’t have the “extra” bit…

And slight question on the side since it’s not really worth an extra topic:

Is Panzer Dragoon Orta still easy to find and buy? I bought Saga on release day, but without an Xbox and only very few interesting games for it (IMO) I was reluctant to grab it…

Actually, any versions online should be the ones from the Panzer Dragoon II Zwei soundtrack.

Play forward to 2:29, then listen to the bit that begins there (before the song loops back round). It’s like an outro kind of section; before the track loops back.

I recorded the song from Panzer Dragoon II Zwei (the in-game version itself). At that point, it just loops back earlier than the ‘extended’ , as it has been referred to, version.

Why the extra bit was not in the game but did appear on its soundtrack CD, I don’t know. But it seems very clear to me now that the ‘extended’ version is, in fact, just the full version.

Zwei seems to have a shorter version, but its soundtrack and the Guardian Dragon battle in Panzer Dragoon Saga have the full, longer version.

I hope this clears things up. :anjou_happy:

The proper Zwei OST has it then, the 2:29 bit? Hrm.

Well the one on SegaXtreme doesn’t have it, I’m currently waiting for some p2p downloads, hopefully they’re the right thing.

Hey, welcome to the forums. As far as I know, the Panzer Dragoon Zwei mp3s on SegaXtreme are recorded from the game itself, rather than taken from the soundtrack CD: hence their Expected Enemy track has ended up different. I have the soundtrack CD myself, and as Ancient says it does feature the very slightly extended track used in PDS. As for Panzer Dragoon Orta, I think it can be picked up pretty cheaply these days, especially if you scout around on ebay; I’ve noticed many cheap PDOs for sale there while looking for other stuff.

Gah! Those aren’t it either, got another 2 mp3’s but they’re all the in-game PDZ version! Must’ve all gotten it from SX or what? :anjou_sigh:
Could anyone help me out here? g

I think Solo still has them up…
Btw welcome to TWOTA :slight_smile:

My mistake; I haven’t listened to any Expected Enemy downloads aside from the one which Solo put up before.

Lance must be right - the SegaXtreme tracks must be recorded from the game, like I’ve done with a few until my proper OST CD arrives in about a week. I can put the track up from that, if you want?

Or find me on MSN (check my profile) and I can send Solo’s track to you.

Hope I can help! All the best. :anjou_happy: