Slow music variations in PDS

17 - The Expected Enemy.mp3

That’s the one from the Zwei OST. Like Ancient Weapon said, I think it’s the same version that’s in PDS, although to be honest I haven’t listened to both enough to be able to tell the difference.

My god I think this track hates me. :anjou_sad:
That file you uploaded seems to break off abruptly, mere seconds before the important spot…(2:26 or something…the file shows the length it should’ve been, 3:32, but if I try to start from beyond 2:2x it corrects itself) :anjou_sigh: Thanks a lot Solo (no sarcasm lol) but I guess the upload or rip got cut short or something.

I have you added to MSN, Ancient, perhaps you can help me out once you’re online, didn’t see you yesterday. :anjou_embarassed:

Unlucky! :anjou_disappointment:

Sure, I should be on soon. I’ll happily send you my (working!) copy of the file, if you can’t get it before then. :anjou_happy:

I agree with Solo - I think it’s just the in-game track from Zwei which is any different; the soundtrack and Saga have the same version, as far as I am aware.

Guess so, the whole in-game looping was new to me and constantly finding that version on the net… of course led me to think it was on the OST as well. :anjou_sigh:

I’m on MSN right now and will be for a couple hours so, hope to see ya there :slight_smile:
Full address to add me is danielpetersen27@ , remove the space, just a precaution against spam @_@

Sorry - I can’t go on right now; no Messenger on this computer. But hopefully I will catch you online some time later! :anjou_happy:

Web Messenger
Have fun :anjou_embarassed:

Sorry about that… it appears I’ve used up all my webspace, so their wasn’t room to upload the entire file.

I’ve added you to MSN, so if you don’t see Ancient Weapon on, I can send you the track myself.

I got it from Ancient Weapon earlier today, so that’s done then. g FINALLY! Especially after the ****ed up day I had today, those extra seconds were therapeutic. :anjou_happy:

Thanks again to you both, Ancient sent me the mp3 you had upped at a previous date, Solo. :anjou_happy:

Glad to help! :anjou_happy:

But I’m sorry to hear that you seem to be running out of webspace, Solo! :anjou_sad:

Ooh, yay! I’m excited; I always loved the PDS version so much more than the Zwei version because of that. I’m going to add you to MSN, if you don’t mind :anjou_happy: