SKY RIDER MYSTERY: Human or Drone?

Does anybody know the real identity of the sky rider? I’ve read the mystery & theories section in this site and I"m convinced that it is realy indeed a human, I think it is Lundi because a part of his face was exposed in an FMV clip shown here & it has flesh! Does anybody agree!?

The skyrider is Lundi.

It’s unsolved. Unrevealled. Unknown.

I was under the impression that Team Andromeda / Smilebit had confirmed in an interview that it wasn’t Lundi? I could have a look around for the quote, but I don’t think that I’m mistaken…

Anyway, I’d accept that he could be either a Drone or a human. the Sky Rider being a Drone would make sense because he is covered in white/black Ancient Age armour, and some Drones (like Azel) are allegedly indistinguishable from humans.

The Sky Rider being a human would also make sense, becasue he could just be wearing a ton of Ancient Age armour, like some of the Seekers in Panzer Dragoon Saga.

I think it’s slightly more likely for him to be a Drone because of those strange green particles that come out of his chest when he dies. Theoretically though, that could be some kind of delayed effect (from the laser blast he took) which actually finishes him off.

The Sky Rider is certainly one of the more mysterious characters in the PD world…

You’re right Lance, they did say it wasn’t Lundi.

I believe that the Sky Rider was a Drone. He has the looks of one and all dragons were suposed to be guided by drones after all. Buuut, Lagi appears to like to be guided by ordinary humans. So if the Sky Rider really is a Drone we can only speculate how the Sky Rider managed to ride Lagi and pursue the Dark dragon.

Actually, two official sources have confirmed that the Sky Rider wasn’t Lundi…

For a long time I was convinced that Lundi was in fact the Sky Rider because it would make perfect sense in many ways (explaining what happened to him, why he disappeared etc).

However, he is almost certainly a drone and me and Solo figured out what his purpose was some time ago: he was a drone capable of interfacing with the Tower outside the Imperial capital, which was why the Dark Dragon stopped at nothing to see him dead.

Solo Wing Dragon’s fourth rider theory explains the finer details.

There’s always the possibility that the Sky Rider was human, but his boney-white armour and silky black clothing match the colour-scheme of Azel’s drone outfit, and thus, confirms his status as a drone IMO.

On the other hand, we know Lundi was studying drones, so he could’ve found some drone battle armour, but he has been ruled out of the equation.

You’ve changed your tune =P

My first impression on him was that he was a drone, I really cant imagine him as a human, though the thought is nice, a drone suits him better.


You’ve changed your tune =P[/quote]

If I wasn’t proven wrong I might still be convinced he was Lundi, but I couldn’t cling to that theory in the face of official sources stating otherwise. :slight_smile:

So the Skyrider was either a drone or a human… but I wonder if a mutated Lundi could be another option :slight_smile: It’s unlikely, but perhaps Lundi mutated just like Lagi because of the bond they shared. That may have changed him enough not to call him Lundi anymore.

If we’re being really pedantic, he would have actually been called Skiad Ops Endow (his Seeker name) by that time anyway… but as Geoff said, they really have confirmed that it wasn’t him. Unless they’re playing an incredibly cruel name-game with us, of course :slight_smile:


So the Skyrider was either a drone or a human… but I wonder if a mutated Lundi could be another option :slight_smile: It’s unlikely, but perhaps Lundi mutated just like Lagi because of the bond they shared. That may have changed him enough not to call him Lundi anymore.[/quote]

I believed that Panzer Dragoon Zwei was the story of the Sky Rider as much as it was the story of his dragon, but alas, it wasn’t meant to be.

I think I’ve figured out who the Sky Rider was and should have another theory online soon.

I actually pointed that out myself. I told Nightcrawler to ask if the Sky Rider was Skiad Ops Endow the next time he interviewed any former members of Team Andromeda.

Official sources are often prone to playing word games. CoughAbaddcough.

I probably picked it up from reading one of your theories, as I admit I’ve never thought so deeply about the Sky Rider myself. We have so little information to go on that I take the (pretty pessimistic) stance that we’ll never truly know who he was - unless a new game reveals otherwise, of course.

I’ll look forward to reading your new theory, though; any new take on things can potentially lead to truth (or whatever passes for truth in the PD universe). :slight_smile:

Is it possible that the sky rider is an organism neither drone or human? one of a kind, perhaps?

Could be. There could be whole other races of unique organisms in the PD universe that we don’t know about - for example, we had no idea about Drones until PD Saga, and that makes the Dark Dragon’s rider make far more sense to us. Maybe the Sky Rider’s true nature will be saved for a future revelation.

Actually, doesn’t one of the in-game “hints” actually imply that he’s an Ancient? That could technically be something other than a human or a Drone (unlikely as it is).

I actually forgot about this, but recently I thought I might have found some more evidence that suggests both the Sky Rider and the Dark Dragon Rider are Drones.

While I was taking all those FMV screenshots for D-Unit’s site, I noticed that the 3D models for the Sky Rider and the Dark Dragon Rider are incredibly similar. It struck me that they might actually be the same model, just coloured with a different pallette. Of course, if they were identical, that would mean that they would almost certainly have to be mass-produced Drones.

I haven’t really looked into this though, but there are apparently some high-quality 3D renders of the Dark Dragon and its rider in existance, which were used as advertising art for PD1. If anyone could find a large, clear version of one of these images, we might be able to put this theory to the test and see if they are one and the same model…

Or they just wanted to use the old cliche of a nigh-on identical to yourself rival for a last boss. Even if the model is identical, the different coloring CAN make a lot of difference in how it looks and even if the armor is the same it doesn’t mean it still can’t be a human that found the armor, plus the DD rider has red glowing eyes so even if similar in appearance they still have certain differences therefor it’s not really mass production…
Also do we have any evidence they mass produced drones? We only know that they mass produced bio monsters since they all are identical but every drone we have seen so far is totally different from the rest no?

True, this did occur to me at some point, and in all honesty I doubt that Team Andromeda had 100% hammered out the concept of Drones when they made PD1. Still, it’s not so likely that human-wearable armour would look identical to a specific Drone’s body - and I think we have to assume that the Dark Dragon’s rider was a Drone. If the pair really did look identical, that would be very coincidencidental if they weren’t in fact the same thing…

It’s a pity that the in-game model for the Dark Dragon’s rider is so hideously simplified that we can’t really draw any conclusions from it.

Remember that we’ve only seen two (confirmed) Drones - but yeah, I was going on the assumption that all Drones of a given kind would look identical, like all pure-types of a given kind or all float engines of a given kind. The Ancients did seem to manufacture their creations to given templates.

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