SKY RIDER MYSTERY: Human or Drone?

Higher level creations however are unique. Take a look at the Guardian Dragon, the Shellcoof (maybe), Atolm, Mel Kava (sp), the Dark Dragon, the Water Dragon, heck, most of PD series’ bosses, all unique :stuck_out_tongue:

Remember that they may not be unique though, they may simply be rarer. We only see one of most of the bosses in the PD games, but many of these enemies’ descriptions state that they are one of a race rather than one of a kind.

PDO’s Encyclopedia does imply that the Ancients produced an awful lot of Drones too. If they were producing quite a lot of them then it’s likely that they’d settle on some basic genetic templates that they would simply modify slightly for specific Drones.

At any rate, my point is that if the Dark Dragon’s rider is a Drone, and the Sky Rider does turn out to look physically identical to him, I really think that’ll suggest that he’s a Drone too.

The Dark Dragon was deffinitelly unique (D-type 01 right? Or was it 02?), why would it’s rider be any different in that?
And the stat descriptions don’t mean much really, we had that kind of descriptions in PDS for things like even certain of Lagi’s forms, does that mean they weren’t unique and instead a “race”?

But if the Sky Rider does turn out to look exactly the same, wouldn’t that mean that the Dark Dragon’s rider wasn’t unique? There’s not really any proof that the Dark Dragon was unique, either; although I accept that it might have been.

I’m not entirely sure what you mean (as I haven’t read the text from the enemy galleries in a while). My point was that some creatures which we only see one of are confirmed to not be unique. It therefore seems possible that other things which we only see one of are not unique.

Well the fact d type 01 is so different from d type 02 makes me think that any other possible d type range dragons would be totally different to each other as well.

About the descriptions, sorry, I thought u meant the way they were written implied they could be non unique.Still it matters a lot which creatures it says it for, and other creations I mentioned are deffinitelly unique anyway. Mel Kava and Atolm for example… And Sestren… And Heresy program… and Abadd… and Azel… and I’m sure there is more but I need sleep…

How about the gun that Lundi picked up during the very start of PD ZWEI? It is really identical to the gun that the sky rider is holding. What connection does it give to Lundi & the sky rider? I think the people who made PDZWEI gave importance to the gun to link Lundi to the sky rider. Anybody agrees?

If anything it could also be a way of the enemy (or whoever sent him, yeah I mean Sestren;) “mocking” the sky rider in the same way Sestren used that Blue Dragon thingie when going against Lagi/Heresy program :slight_smile:

Xlagi: I’m pretty sure the gun isn’t identical but I might remember wrong… I need sleep…

I do remember the guns looking the same, but then lots of guns in the real world do look completely identical as well :wink:

And as I mentioned before, official sources have confirmed that the Sky Rider wasn’t Lundi (twice according to Geoff, and he probably knows more about the Sky Rider than anyone here). Sadly, it isn’t meant to be…

Just out of curiosity, what were the two official sources that said the Sky Rider isn’t Lundi? Do we have exact quotes.

I believe you and everything, but I’m just curious.

I think one was either TA or Smilebit.Dunno for sure.

Anyways, welcome Crazy Penguin. :slight_smile:

[quote=“Crazy Penguin”]Just out of curiosity, what were the two official sources that said the Sky Rider isn’t Lundi? Do we have exact quotes.

I believe you and everything, but I’m just curious.[/quote]

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The confirmation I know of comes from an interview with Smilebit member Akihiko Mukaiyama (the director of Panzer Dragoon Orta). You can find the Spanish version of the interview here, or an English version in this thread. It’s one of the last questions, and fortunately he’s quite emphatic when he states that “he is not Lundi” :slight_smile:

neither TA nor Smilebit knew who the sykrider is. that’s because the story wasn’t fleshed out in PD in any way. it doesn’t really matter, does it?

No, not really. Still, the creators do get to decide who or what the Sky Rider was. The way Azel’s appearance seems to be based on his does show us what direction Team Andromeda later took.

It’s not because we can’t see his face that I care;it’s because I wanna know how he got Lagi in the first place.

I agree; Team Andromeda probably had no idea who the Sky Rider was at the time of PD1 - beyond him being “the previous dragon rider” - but when they did flesh out the PD universe in subsequent years they’ve paid quite careful attention to continuity.

I can’t help but think the whole concept of Drones riding dragons was thought up with the Sky Rider and the Dark Dragon’s rider in mind. After all, the Dark Dragon’s rider could easily have led to a plot hole otherwise - why would a human be riding an Ancient Age pure-type monster? The fact that we can look back in retrospect, put two and two together and see that those riders must be Drones - which we simply “didn’t know about before” - gives a nice sense of continuity.

Whether or not the creators had even thought up the idea back then doesn’t seem so important in the scheme of things; what strikes me as being important is that the Sky Rider and his counterpart have been “justified” in the series as a whole. The fact that PD Orta’s Encycolpedia literally offers us the possibility that he’s a Drone is reassuring too.

I’d like to translate the Japanese Panzer Dragoon script just to see what exactly was lost in the original translation.

Team Andromeda did a good job of keeping the story of the first game consistent with the following games on the surface. Sometimes original ideas in a series of games are later changed (like in Shining Force and Baldur’s Gate) because they make more sense or open up more possibilities. I doubt they had everything figured out in the original Panzer Dragoon but the prequel and the sequel gave it the background and characterization it was missing. I’m not sure TA changed anything, but they did fill in blank spaces.

Actually I?m not so sure. TA began work on Zwei before they even finished the 1st game.

I?m pretty sure they know who the Sky Rider is. Other wise they would not say it?s not Lundi (That?s who I thought it was).

Probably the 1 guy that knows is Takashi Iwade. He?s been at TA/Smilebit/AV since they very start.

When someone creates a character they KNOW at least what they want it to be.

Yeah, and they wanted him to be the Deus Ex Machina. With him dead, the player has a reasonably believeable cause for being on that big blue dragon.

Heh Heh Don’t you think it’s odd that the Dark Rider targeted the Sky Rider and not the “Heresy” Dragon? That shot was such a clean kill, I find it hard to believe that he missed who he was aiming at.

The Dark Dragon wouldn’t want Lagi and the Sky Rider entering Sestren through the Tower now would it? :wink: