Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow

Oh my freaking God. After the utter bore that was Hero, Sky Captain was a refreshing breath of air. Some people are trouncing it, but this is really a fun, clever, and exciting movie that’s also fun for the whole family. It deserves to steal the spotlight from Hero. At the very least it’s more entertaining than the average summer popcorn flick.

Wasn’t that Hero film released last year or something?

These are all the film i’ve seen with my Unlimited Cinema card and personal ratings out of 10:

Riddick (7.5/10)

Sunday 29th August:
Shrek 2 (8/10)
The Phone (6/10)
Bourne Identity (8/10)

Wednesday 1st September:
Catwoman (6/10)
Soul Plane (9/10)
Spiderman 2 (7/10)

Thursday 2nd September:
Hellboy (7.5/10)

Saturday 4th September:
The Terminal (7/10)

Friday 17th September:
Collateral (7/10)

Saturday 18th September:
Anchorman (6/10)
Carmen (8/10)

I purposely missed watching Open Water and The Village because everyone said they sucked.

If you want movie spoilers go here:

If you want content reviews (i.e. sex and violence):

Utter bore of a movie that was Hero?!?!

Haven’t seen Sky Captain yet, so I can’t comment, but every review I’ve heard so far says that it’s all flash and no content.

I really want to see Sky Captain and The World or Tomorrow. I was supposed to see it last Friday but it didn’t happen.

I love the 1940s-style vision of the future. I know it’s not going to be a deep, jarring, life-changing movie but I just want to see it because it’s entertaining and cool.

I watched it, it was alright. Like they said, all flash and no content. The plot was not only had too many loopholes but near the end it gets very old. The movie does look great though!!

I don’t know. I thought it had more worth than the average summer slam bang film like The Matrix movies(which I liked anyway). This is probably one of those films that’s going to divide people.

What is this Sky Captain movie you guys speak of?

Last movie I saw :

Bourne Supremecy (7/10)

I was actually impressed by Matt Damon in Bourne Supremacy tbh.

Saw Hero and Switchblade Romance on Friday 24/Sept and was impressed by Hero, but not so much by that French film.

Watched 5 films on Saturday…
Resident Evil (7/10)
Sky Captain (4/10)
Layer Cake (8/10)
Saw (8/10)
Man On Fire (6/10)

Sky Captain was the worst of the lot :frowning: glad I used my Unlimited Cinema Card… Resident Evil was watchable, in fact, looking back, it was enjoyable even. I saw Punisher and Cellular (Kim Basinger) on Sunday 2nd October:, both of them watchable.

I just saw Shaun of the Dead not too long ago. It was actually quite funny. =D

There was another movie…“Saw” or something like that that looks interesting…

There was another movie…“Saw” or something like that that looks interesting…[/quote]

That’s one way of putting it, yes…didn’t sleep much last night. Check me LJ if you want a review thingy.