Hey all,

I’m getting a tad confused by the policy on signatures here, so bear with me. :anjou_happy:

Since I’ve been a member here, I haven’t used a signature, so obviously my past posts don’t have one at the bottom. I was planning on creating a sig, so I bashed one into my profile and made a new post, at the bottom of which my new signature appeared.

But on going to look at some of my previous posts, there was no signature there. Am I right in thinking that any posts made when the signature is off can never have one attached?

Also, is it correct that any which have been posted at a time when I did have a signature, will display whatever my signature is at the time of viewing? Or will they display whatever it was when that post was made?

Anyway, my signature (getting annoyed at typing that word now! :anjou_embarassed: Thanks very much!

profile > always attach my signature
also when posting a message or topic the option appears at the bottom too.
e.g on one of your previous posts click edit, and check the relevant box and go submit. it should appear.

[quote=“Scott”]profile > always attach my signature
also when posting a message or topic the option appears at the bottom too.
e.g on one of your previous posts click edit, and check the relevant box and go submit. it should appear.[/quote]

Thanks Scott; but I already knew about those options. :anjou_happy: Is this correct?

As you seem to have discovered, the “always attach my signature” option seems to only apply to posts made or edited after the option was chosen. I managed to fix your problem, however, by running a query directly on the database to set all the enable_sig to 1 (true), for poster_id number 281 (Ancient Weapon). So it should work now, hopefully (let me know any posts still don’t show your signature).

I’m still trying to figure out how to attach my avatar :anjou_sigh:

Are GIFs not a supported file format for them?

I don’t think the avatar upload feature works for some reason. I should work on fixing it. Gifs should work if you link to them from another site though.

Thanks Solo! :anjou_love:

You may want to set all posts to enable the signature by default, even if they are posted when the member’s signature is off?

Apparently, when a member makes a post without a defined signature (ie the box is blank in their profile), the “Attach signature” option is not available for that post. As such, the signature remains off; even with the “Always attach my signature” option set, in the profile.

It would be handy for the enable_sig option to be on by default on posts without the option available (made when there was no signature defined) - so that if a member made posts when his/her sig was disabled, they can enable it again and have it attached to those posts.

Could you tell us if that’s a possibility, Solo? :anjou_happy: It would save you from having to do an enable_sig sweep on any member again, and it would allow us to turn off our signatures if we like, while still being able to activate them and have them displayed on all our posts at a later date.

Yeah phpBB is a funny board like that, although I guess it makes sense depending on what angle you look at the issue. I would have programmed it so that checking the “Always attach my signature” option would automatically add the user’s signature to every single post that he or she had made in past. Why do some posts need to have signatures and others not anyway, I wonder? Signatures are usually attached on the end of every post that the user makes unless he or she doesn’t have a signature.

Anyway, there doesn’t seem to be an option to enable signatures by default, even when they’re off, at least I don’t see any in the Admin Panel (Scott, enlighten me if I’m mistaken). I might be able to modify the actual PHP code of the forums, to allow such an option, but I’m not sure if it’d be worth it as any additions to the forum’s source code might be overwritten when a new version of phpBB comes out.

Yeah… so no attaching when you have a blank signature and too bad when you add one later? A good design feature of phpBB…! :anjou_embarassed:

Anyway, thanks very much for your help, Solo. :anjou_happy: If I ever figure out what I’m going to do with my signature, I’ll let you know! I may just turn in off - in which case you might want to revert the enable_sig flag in my posts?

I think just deleting the text in your signature will make phpBB turn it off.

phpBB’s not a bad board mostly, once you know your way around it, and the new version 2.2 looks like it’s going to be a lot better from what I’ve seen of it. It’s free, unlike most of the other major forum software these days, so I’m not complaining :anjou_happy:

2.2? Or do you mean Olympus 3? :anjou_happy:

Yeah, I know - thanks. :anjou_happy:

What I’m getting at here, is that having the signature turned off when making a post will disable the “Attach signature” option and leave enable_sig for that post as 0. Therefore if the member decides to add a signature later, it won’t get attached to that post, even with the “Always attach” option enabled in the profile. :anjou_sad:

Is there a workaround for this? In rough pseudo-code, something like this would be handy (and make more sense!):

[code]enable_sig[post] = userAlwaysAttachSigPreference[user];
// Checks your profile for signature attachment settings - even if you have none defined

alwaysAllowPerPostAttachSignatureOption[user] = true;
// Allows you to then edit the option yourself, depending on your preference

// ================================

// This applies whether you have a defined signature at the time of posting or not - allowing posts made when the member’s signature was off to have it attached at a later time.[/code]
Rather than the current way of dealing with this, which seems to say:

[code]if (sigDefined[user] == false)
enable_sig[post] = false;
// If you have no defined signature, your posts will be marked as having signature disabled

allowPerPostAttachSignatureOption[user] = false;
// And you cannot choose to have a sig attached for when you later define one.

// ================================

// The current process complicates signature attachment when the user does not have a defined signature![/code]
Which disables signature attachment for any post made when the member does not have a signature - thus creating complications when they want to add one; as I found out! :anjou_embarassed:

Hopefully you kind of understand me here. :anjou_happy:

bro… just check the two boxes and it will automatically be added to each post!


Yeah, I’ll get off the bandwagon now! :anjou_happy: