Shenmue iii

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It has been funded. It is coming.

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I see.

This is exciting. It has already been funded. They have a lot of the original team. I am going to back this for the digital copy only, but they would get more of my money if they could aquire the rights to the first two games for an HD rerelease.

That’s awesome! I don’t know though comparing this to the Dreamcast games; something just feels off about the character models…

At least one of my dreams came true! I’m officially a backer!

Was watching E3 live when this was announced. Thought The Last Guardian was a showstopper, but they went and dropped this bombshell. Totally lost it right there. I really hope Ryo’s model is just conceptual, it looks quite goofy.

I am guessing the small difference in look is due to it using a modern engine that handles poly transition differently and these are early concepts too. I am sure they will work on the models further.

I have a suspicion they are trying to make Ryo look just a tiny bit edgier…Considering how popular and successful Yakuza has been. I mean he almost looks like Kazuma Kiryu!

I mean Ryo’s model looks nothing like the original…Not that I really care too much, as long as the game gets done and out…

Also, on the Kickstarter page look at Lan di! WTF did they do to his face. He looks like he overdosed on steroids!


Shenmue 3:

I don’t think I’ve ever seen Lan Di smile. It looks pretty disturbing.

Still can’t believe it.

It turns out Sony is helping to produce the game. As such, the budget will likely be larger than what has been pledged on Kickstarter. I personally have no problem with that; the game has already been confirmed for PC, so it won’t be PS4 exclusive (although it may be an exclusive on consoles).

Some more news. Shenmue III won’t be the final part in the story. From the Reddit Q&A with Yu Suzuki:

  • Apparently Shenmue is now down to eleven chapters.
  • The story will span 4-5 games.
  • Shenmue IV is contingent on fans liking Shenmue III. “If the fans are not happy with 3 there will not be a 4. So I please hope we can together make this game the best it can be.”
  • Ryo may one day return to Japan, but it won’t be in Shenmue III.

So we may yet play Shenmue IV and V. Or we may not, with the story remaining incomplete again. :anjou_sad:

@legaiaflame you were concerned about Ryo’s face, so you’ll be happy with this point:

  • Ryo’s face from the trailer is not what we’ll see in the final version. Yu Suzuki isn’t happy it with it yet.

The Reddit AMA was a little vague. Suzuki-san stated that Shenmue has 11 chapters, but it was originally meant to be 16, and we already know of at least one cut chapter (on the boat to China). He could’ve meant there are 11 chapters remaining, and given that Shenmue II had 4 I don’t see how all 11 would fit into one game.

I just hope we get to see the story finished. If Shenmue III doesn’t end the tale and we never get Shenmue IV then we’re no better off really. Perhaps he will develop III and IV at the same time and release them a year apart…

Just 23 hours to go for the Kickstarter campaign.

I just backed it. Even though the funding goal has already been met, I’m hoping that more backers will encourage Sega to re-release Shenmue I and II in HD.

Last Push can’t wait for this awesomeness!! :slight_smile:

Aaaand done. $6.3 million!


In spite of all of the odds.

You think there was any doubt it would be a popular kickstarter?

And now we wait…

I always knew that the costs of developing Shenmue 3 would decrease with time. I never imagined that Yu Suzuki would be so persistent. It seems like it’s his dream to finish what he started.

I remember arguing with other Sega fans about the viability of Shenmue 3. I can understand why Sega would shy away from it. In the world of business, all that matters is making money. That’s all these people care about.

It’s a shame the Dreamcast died before its time.

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Shenmue III has been delayed until 2018:

No surprise really, and what is another year when you consider the time already passed since Shenmue II?