Shenmue 2nd worst game of all time

Does anyone know of the show Filter on G4? They gave Shemue 2nd place in their countdown of worst games of all time! I know viewers vote for the games so the question is what kind of people watch the show!


Thats blasphemy! Shenmue is one of the best games of all time.

Maybe noone watches that thing so they randomly vote out of their ignorant @$$3$?

What was the worst game of all time?

Are they high!? Did they know what they were doing!? I seriously, if I could bitch slab them. Shenmue is one of the GREATEST games ever made.

They’re way too mainstream, they probably didn’t even play it.

I’ll list what I remember

1.Zelda: The Wand of Gamelot
7.Charlies Angles
8.Superman 64
9.Bubsy 3D
10.Bad Street Brawler

Sorry for the mysterious void

hmm, i had issues with shenmue 2 (thought 1 was great) but there are so so many many much much worse games out there…

i really wouldn’t know where to begin listing games worse than shenmue 2…

I think you misread a little Megatherium, Shenmue 1 is indeed what they “awarded” here. You propably misread it as “Shenmue 2” cos it got 2nd place

The other games on that list really are quite dire, though. But if the votes really came from a bunch of inexperienced mainstreamers, how did so many people vote for one of the Phillips CDI Zelda games? I mean, most people don’t even know they exist…

What is up with that? Have these people ever played Tunnel B1? Shenmue is a maserpiece.

you are exactly correct :slight_smile:


the forklift races before work, the badass 70 man battle alongside guizhang, the unforgettable phrases… i mean, come on:

“do you know a place where sailors hang out?” - ryo
"c’mere cutey" - some drunkard in the street
"shut yo lip woman!" - goro
"lets get sweaty" - ryo

it was just epic…

Definitely Epic, though I still enjoyed 2 much more, a larger scope in my opinion. I hope they continue the series and finally fully confirm Shenmue 3 at Tokyo game show this year.

But that Superman 64 was ranked lower than Shenmue is HORRENDOUS!

Shenmue was just too slow for my tastes. The game needed more of everything – more quick time events and fighting in particular. I still haven’t managed to buy a copy of Shenmue 2, but I hear the game corrects many of the problems of the original. Is that true?

What an incredibly strange choice for 2nd worst game of all time. Imagine every game you’ve ever played… now NONE of them apart from wand of Gamelot is apparently worse than ShenMue. Insanity.

It solves everything. Go buy. Best. Game. Ever. Nearly.

So what’s the best game ever? And what happens on the 9th of november. I have shenmue 1 and 2 right now but my dreamcast decided not to work so I’ve never completed them, never even played 2.

C’mon man, that’s the HALO 2 release date!

Shenmue seemed, to me, to be unsuited for the Western market as it was. It was more built around the semi-hardcore gaming crowd, in terms of pace in the story and in the game.

Mind you, I’ve only read about it, never played it.

Eh? You HAVE to play it Arcie…
And I don’t think it’s unsuitable for the western market at all…
When I played it, it felt like it was an evolution of the Adventure genre except losing all the point n click deal and adding in some action scenes for good measure. The story is gripping, the pacing is great, the QTE events make for cool cinematic action scenes and the battles, well, while the controls aren’t the best ever by far they are good enough and certain battles do feel quite sweet and like you achieved something by managed to beat the enemy :slight_smile: