Shelcoof: Tower of the Sky

A massive floating Tower, which destroyed a whole village with a single laser blast, yet was taken down by a single dragon. The Empire’s flying fortress in Panzer Dragoon Orta is undoubtedly bigger, but Shelcoof packs much more firepower.

Legends of the Ancient Age speak of the Towers burning three continents in one night. If this was true then perhaps a fleet of Shelcoofs swept the world, destroying all of human civilization in their path. We never see the Tower of Uru as a weapon itself; only it summoning biomonsters to attack the intruders. Perhaps the non-moving Towers could not attack on their own, or if so only in a certain radius around them, and so the Ancients created flying ‘Towers’ to purify the world.


hmm, possible however don’t we see shellcoof somewhere to be discribed as “Shellcoof the flying tower” ? I think that implies there is only one shellcoof or it would be Shellcoof A flying tower, not THE flying tower…Not sure where it was described like that however…About the rest towers not being real weapons perhaps it’s because noone did/could activate that function again? Or perhaps the towers that destroyed the three continents also destroyed themselves doing so (if they were on the same continent they destroyed) and none of the towers that are left are weapons like that…? Just random thoughts…
About the Empire’s fortress being less powerful…They did have as powerful weapons once tho didn’t they?
Didn’t Grig Orig in Saga appear about as powerful ? It did wipe out a city much like Shellcoof did in PD Zwei’s intro didn’t it? I wonder why they didn’t manage to make the fortress as powerful even tho they have advanced so much as to be able and make the dragonmares :slight_smile:

Well it’s certainly possible that something like this happened. Maybe there’s even an example in PD Orta:

Orta spoilers

Episode 3: The Fallen Ground shows us a desert of ash, the only thing remaining from what appeared to be a great city of the Ancient Age. According to Pandora’s box the forces that destroyed the city were concentrated on an area called “The Epicenter”, where now only a gaping scar in the land remains. Just before the battle against the Catharp we fly over this area. The damage must have been tremendous considering that only a few ruins remained standing. Maybe this was caused by Shelcoof? There are other possibilities: Maybe there was a Tower on that location that was destroyed by a dragon.
The Empire’s fortress didn’t seem all that powerful to me compared to Shelcoof. The statue seemed like the only weapon capable of long-range attacks. I think it was more designed to transport troops, smaller ships and Dragonmares.

Shelcoof unleashes its own bio-weapons like the other two Towers we’ve seen, so I believe the bio-weapons did all the ground work. Shelcoof could be more effective because its not fixed in one place.

According to Lundi’s journal it was “the” Tower of the Sky. However according to Imperial reports on Shelcoof it is sometimes known as “the” Shelcoof. That would imply that there could be other ships belonging to this ‘class’ called Shelcoof. Either way, it’s unlikely that either Lundi or the Empire knew of any other ‘Shelcooves’ if they existed. Lundi knew about the Ancient Age, but that didn’t mean that he knew everything.

The Grig Orig was very powerful, but not to the extent of Shelcoof. If we look at Lundi’s village being attacked, Shelcoof hovers directly above it and destroys it with one quick, solid blast. With Zoah, it was a long, thin laser beam. It’s unlikely that Lagi would be able to block Shelcoof’s blast, but he was able to stand the power of the Imperial Cannon. I think Shelcoof could do more damage, but the Grig Orig also packed some serious firepower.

Quite likely. As far as we know, the Epicenter wasn’t anywhere near a Tower. A couple of quick blasts would be all the Shelcoof would need to unleash.

Lagi was the only dragon who’s purpose was to destroy the Towers, and Sestren showed us all the Towers he destroyed… just Shelcoof and the Tower from the first Panzer Dragoon.

The ancient rebels wouldn’t have been wiped out without a fight. How much of the destruction can we attribute to them?

[quote=“Solo Wing Dragon”]
Lagi was the only dragon who’s purpose was to destroy the Towers, and Sestren showed us all the Towers he destroyed… just Shelcoof and the Tower from the first Panzer Dragoon.[/quote]

Correct. So it seems that probably Shelcoof or another Tower destroyed the city in episode 3 (PDO).

Craymen said that after centuries of fighting, the warring factions built the Towers. According to Lundi, the rebels opposed the Towers. I wonder if this means that there were two wars. Towers were defended by dragons so that means that there must have been a second war. The city in Episode 3 was clearly a city of the Ancients but it was destroyed by forces that only a Tower could generate. So the rebels were probably Ancients with the same weapons (like bio-monsters) only without Towers. But Craymen says that the factions built the Towers. Why would one faction help to construct the Towers only to try to destroy them later?

who said there were only 2 different factions? There may have been more. Or perhaps the twoers purpose changed, and the rebals didnt like it so broke away from the project to attack the creations.

It seems plain to me - the warring nations met together to create the Towers. Not everyone agreed with this, creating rebellions against the Ancient civilisation.

The question is, why did the Towers turn on their own civilization? I sense that these warring nations that came together weren’t really at peace… at least not openly. Lies, deceit, mistrust… this could have lead to the destruction of the entire Civilization.

Why do you think they did? We know that the Ancients went into a hibernation until the cleansing work was complete. Perhaps it was the rebels who were left out of the hibernation process.


Why do you think they did? We know that the Ancients went into a hibernation until the cleansing work was complete. Perhaps it was the rebels who were left out of the hibernation process.[/quote]

There are many theories. I think a select group of the Ancients went into hibernation, perhaps a group of the finest scientists, doctors, etc. The Ancients left the Towers to ‘purify’ the rest of the Ancient civilisation before turning the world into their perfect environment for their return. Of course, being an very arrogant people, they did not predict exactly how it would turn out. The rebels heard of the Ancients plan and therefore tried to stop them, stealing Azel and altering the Heresy program in the hope of restoring to world into the hands of humanity in the distant future.

Of course, much of this is guess work, it is unlikely that the downfall of the Ancient Age actually happened exactly like this.

But I think you have the right idea.

Why would “rebels” oppose the Towers before the ancients built bio-weapons to stop these rebels the ancients “feared”?

The Towers themselves were built to create an environment the rebels didn’t find to their liking, or they discovered the Towers’ true purpose (i.e. everything Craymen said). I wouldn’t want my civilization wiped out in an attempt to balance the ecosystem.

The Towers were already active in the Ancient Age, controlling the climate to rebuild the world. For some reason the Towers and ruins were deactivated by dragons and the Ancients disappeared, causing a drastic change in the climate. The Towers had to slowly rebuild the world after the Fall of the Ancient Age but for some reason they weren’t functioning normally.

So why did the Ancients deactivate the Towers and wait for 10000 years instead of immediately restoring the planet. Something must have been wrong. It wasn’t the Ancients intention to wipe out the human race, they wanted to ensure that the humans survived.

Maybe the Ancients considered themselves as pure-types, evolved human beings, and the rest as “impure”?

Skiad Ops Endow wrote that the ancients manufactured bio-weapons as a consequence of rebel opposition. Their original plans may have changed (terraforming the planet might not have been an ideal plan in the eyes of some, so this opposition needed to be crushed).

Reducing the number of people on the planet in order to preserve humanity or to stop it from destroying itself is by no means a noble goal. Someone would try to stop the ancients from bringing their goals to fruition.

I agree. What is intreging though is that the majority of the Ancient civilisation were wiped out by the monsters/Towers. How many of these people would have just been innocent citizens? I can imagine a fleet of flying Towers swooping over huge Ancient cities, destroying all in their line of fire.

Those people would not have willing gone along with a plan to wipe them all out. Unless they were suicidal.

I think a war between the ancients and the rebels caused the destruction that spread across the world. The Towers just happened to prevail.

The majority were probably kept in the dark about the true intentions of the Towers. Either that, or the Towers went out of the Ancients’ control. The rebels saw the problem with the Towers, perhaps even before their creators realised it.

The rebels must have been quite a threat or the Ancients wouldn’t have created dragons to guard their creations. I wonder what was the extent of the rebels power. How powerful were they?

Answering to your first post SDolo :

I think that non-moving Towers had destructive power of their own.I thought I red somewhere that the Uru Tower was the most powerful of the Towers but I think I’m alucinating :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyways that tale that you spoke of:

“…The Tower…
The legends say that it burned three continents in one night…”

He’s not speaking of The Towers, but of the Tower they were looking for : Craymen’s Tower - The Tower of Uru - Ul’s Lake Tower.

This must mean that the non-moving Towers (some of them anywayz) have destructive power of their own…

I’m sorry if anyone already said this in this thread but I lack the guts to read it all :stuck_out_tongue:

Armies of bio-weapons constitute a destructive arsenal adequate for the task of getting the job done, don’t you think? That’s what the Empire wanted to control according to Craymen.

The ancient rebels could only have posed a significant threat if the ancients feared them enough to guard their ruins. The extent of their power is unknown, yet they managed to kidnap Azel and activate the Heresy program.

I think these rebels were human, if the ancients weren’t. Otherwise they were both human factions.