Sharing Playlists

So in one of my previous threads I asked for some recommendations for songs that I could add to my playlist Focus/Study Music. Since then, I have gone and ahead and add a lot more songs to the playlist and I would like to ask if anyone here would be willing to share any of their playlists, no matter what type of category it may be (Calm music, epic music, etc.) and no matter what platform it may be one (YouTube, Spotify, etc.). This way we could be exposed to a multitude of different songs instead of giving each other one or two recommendations, and this way we would most likely find new songs that we each like. I plan on sharing my Epic Music Playlist soon. Also if anyone is interested in Rock to Metal Music, I would gladly share my playlist for that as well.

I usually listen to albums, although I have a personal “favourites” playlist which contains a wide range of music from different genres, not all good to study to. Apple Music also generated a “Chill Mix” for me based on music in my collection/music that I’ve listened to, which might be closer to what you’re looking for.

I’m down to try anything. That’s kind of the whole reason I want to share playlist with other, because that way we have a greater chance of finding new songs that we each like.