Sestrenegade, reveal yourself to us!

Sestrenegade has posted a lot of work on TWOTA, but who is this mysterious person? =P Whoever they are, they aren’t registered on the forums, under the same name at least << I was just wondering if he/she had signed up as another name?

i see them on the gamefaqs message boards sometimes… no one place in particular.

Sestrenegade, aka Sestren II, was a member of the Panzer Dragoon Yahoo! Club, which for those who don’t know was the forerunner to the Excavation Camp, which was the forerunner to these forums. I haven’t seen him online for a while, but he’s a pretty good artist and as Shadow said, he contributed a lot to TWotA. There’s a link to his site in the links section too, although I’m not sure if it still works.