Serial Experiments Lain

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Pretty much the best anime ever in terms of being thought provoking. The slow pacing prevents “marathon” viewing but it stirs the mind enough for me to love it much anyway.

The way it questions existence and being are brilliant. I love the concepts of cybernetics. The notion that human existence and life is based on the transfer of information is a horrifying one because it is THERE. But the series successfully takes you through such things.

One of the few cartoons that is brilliant, philosophical, and downright religious. I love it. I’ve actually been meaning to re-watch it for a while. I should get on that.

I’ve also been meaning to buy a figure of Lain for a while.

Not suitable?

I watched the entire series twice in a row once in english then in japanese over two days.

Ur not hardcore enuff.

In simple terms though, it could really be seen as being a 13-episode expansion of “If a bear farts in the woods and nobody is there to hear it, does anybody care?”

I like the way it deals with logic versus emotion as well, although repeated frames always annoy me… always.

I never understood the scene at the end, where we see Lain sitting in the sky with her pretend Father - I mean… she has reset the entire world by then, and her “pretend” father has settled for living a live with the pretend mother in the house without Lain.

So why would he appear in the Sky?

Answer: It is just random mind-fuck put in to confuse you!

Mika’s soul gets stuck between the Wired (Which I will now refer to as the Internet, because Wired sounds gay) and the “Real World” - but it basically implies that she was pwned by that car we saw speeding past her in episode 5, although that doesn’t explain her souless body (that keeps trying to connect to the net by dialing but the line is engaged =C) is apparently untouched when she gets home and sees herself walking down the hallway.

It is of course all science fiction though, since all of the theories presented in the short “info-byte” things that cut into random episodes are the product of inbreeding and mental retardation and are lulz to all normal scientists. :anjou_love:

Lain was good, although I really loved Haibane Renmei even more (same maker)…
Haibane had that mystical aspect which you also find within Azel, PDrpg, love it, although Haibane can be at times a little bit melodramatic;) (some typical anime teen problems etc.:slight_smile: