Sega's E3 line-up confirmed

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Altered Beast (PS2)
Astro Boy (PS2)
Blood Will Tell (PS2)
ESPN NBA 2005 (PS2, Xbox)
ESPN NFL 2005 (PS2, Xbox)
ESPN NHL 2005 (PS2, Xbox)
Football Manager 2005 (PC)
Headhunter Redemption (PS2, Xbox)
Eastside Hockey Manager (working title, PC)
Otogi 2 (Xbox)
OutRun 2 (Xbox)
Sega SuperStars (PS2)
Sonic Heroes (PC)
Sonic Mega Collection Plus (PS2)
SPIKEOUT Battle Street (Xbox)
Warhammer Online (PC)
Worms Forts Under Siege (PS2, Xbox, PC)

Otogi 2, huh? I guess the first game sold well enough stateside to give Sega all the encouragment it needed to localise the sequel.

I assume Sega’s new RPGs, like Shining Tears, will be shown at the next TGS? Sega will suffer the agony of my wrath if it doesn’t translate the new Shining games. >:)

Sonic Mega Collection Plus eh? I wonder what that is, exactly.

I didn’t see any Gamecube titles in that list. Have Sega abandoned the Cube or something?

Is it just me or does that list seem rather…dull.

The total lack of ANYTHING for the GC is unexpected, though.

I think it’s probably rather inaccurate. Usually all of Sega’s dev teams have something to show. Where’s DigitalRex? cough Shenmue IIIcough

If it’s accurate, it’s possibly an incomplete list. Sega is bound to have some surprise titles in the works.

If Mega Collection Plus has Sonic CD, I’m going to kill someone.

Sounds pretty unimpressive to tell the truth.

Well, the line-up was announced by Sega of Europe, so it’s as official as it’s ever going to be.

GameCube exclusives are more likely to be unveiled at the Tokyo Games Show because (and I assume) GameCube Sega games are more popular in Japan. Remember how unpopular the Xbox is in Japan? Remember how no exclusive titles were unveiled for it at last year’s TGS?

All I can say is I’m glad Sega hasn’t stopped making exclusive titles for the Xbox.

Agreed. Nothing to amazing being shown, some solid titles though. I’d like to play Outrun 2 though.

The good news is Football Manager 2005 (which if im not wrong is the new path of CM; wihtout Eidos this time…) and Otogi 2.Aside from that I think I heard some good things from Altered Beast if I’m not confusing it with any other game…


Agreed. Nothing to amazing being shown, some solid titles though. I’d like to play Outrun 2 though.[/quote]

You can bet that SEGA is holding back a few surprises. Not a bad list to say the truth. And it?s great new that SOA is bring O.TO.GI II to the west.

I have the Jp import and it’s flipping amazing. I rate it more highly than Ninja Gadien

Might it be the case I finally get the chance to play Sonic CD!?

Hell…maybe Chaotix (32X) is on there as well!

wakes up

Or they’ve thrown in 2 mini-games like “Sonic Drift”.

Planning on buying a PS2 Arc?

Crappy list though. Nothing interests me I’m afraid.

Aw crap. Hopefully it will get released on other consoles at some point…

or this could be a re-name for a re-release. Sonic Adventure 2 Battle anyone?

Apparently, this isn’t Sega’s full or final line-up, so we can probably expect to see a few more titles.

A few more titles that I now know will be shown at E3 include but aren’t limited to:

Amazing Island (NGC)
Virtua Quest (NGC)
Puyo Puyo Fever (NGC)

is virtua quest the digital rex game?

hopes shenmue 3 is instead

I’m pretty sure it’s Virtua Fighter: Cyber Generation.

Sega still has an “explosive announcement” planned, so who knows what it plans to unveil?

From what I have gathered this is the Picture see

~Games that will deffinitly be at E3 ~


  • OTOGI 2 (Xbox)
  • OUTRUN 2 (Xbox)
    -OTOGI 2


  • ESPN NBA 2005 (PS2, Xbox)
  • ESPN NFL 2005 (PS2, Xbox - on both systems on-line)
  • ESPN NHL 2005 (PS2, Xbox - on both systems on-line)

~Games we know about but dont know if they will be shown.~

3D Ages PlayStation 2 diverse
Puyo Puyo Fever GBA
Sakura Taisen V - Episode 0 PS2 RPG
Shining Force: Resurrection of the Dark Dragon GBA RPG
Shining Tears PS2 Action RPG
Shining Force PS2 RPG
Sonic Advance 3 GameBoy Adv. Jump’N’Run
Poket Kingdom: Own the World N-gage Online RPG/Fighting

~Games we have herd Rumors about.~

Trigun Panet Gunsmoke
Sega Rally 3 PlayStation 2 Racing
Fish: Legend of 7 Waters & Gods PlayStation 2 Sim.
Super Monkey Ball 3 GC Action
Skies Of Arcadia 2
Shenmue 3
Panzer Dragoon Saga 2

~Trademarked only~

Ghost Squad

i’ll get otogi 2 and headhunter.

i’m hopin there’s some secret game that will be turbo awesome…
come on burning rangers sequel!!

I second that BR sequel.