Sega Xtreme are now hosting PDZ Alternative Elements

So, if you don’t have it already, that’s where you can download it.

I’d actually never checked their soundtracks section before - for anyone else who hasn’t realised, this means that they have all the Panzer Dragoon OSTs available for download now, as well as a ton of other good Sega-related music. I can’t believe I didn’t notice this earlier…

Yeah, it’s one of my favourite Sega fansites actually. Heaps of great content and information about older Sega games.

The Zwei soundtrack that they have isn’t actually the complete soundtrack, but I submitted the full OST to them as well as some other Panzer Dragoon soundtracks, so these are likely to be added in a future update.

i had never checked the soundtracks either- this is great :smiley:

deep it lies
D’ force master
empty space out of control 2
episode 5-1
heartbreaking encounter
argoyle G
she had long ears
blazed up melpomene

and growing!

Great is an understament!

I got a truck load of new video game music of that site, allot of which I had been trying to get for weeks from file sharing networks! :slight_smile:

i wonder how they get around the legal issues… so what are you guys downloading? :wink:

I’m not downloading anything… why, you ask?

I’m certain that Sega X-Treme is a superlative and marvellously comprehensive site with a vast amount of invaluable content, but unfortunately their “Download System” seems to be specifically engineered to prevent me from enjoying it! Whenever I attempt to access any file on any of their download pages, I’m confronted by the error message “You may not link directly to the files with your orange crusty cheetoey fingers.” and barred from accessing it! Attempting to us the ‘Save Target As’ command only results in me downloading the web=page that you see the link on.

Does anyone else suffer from this bizarre problem? :frowning:

Apparently they’ve been feeding us all subliminal messages telling us not to visit the soundtracks page. :slight_smile: Actually I’m not sure, but it does seem vaguely odd.

I can force that message to appear if I do try and directly access a file (i.e. by using the address bar), but if you’re just clicking the links in the soundtracks section I’m not sure why you’d be getting it. Presumably it’s something to do with your browser’s settings, but I honestly can’t think what it would be…

I had a similar problem (but without the error message) when I tried to download some files with Firefox. So firstly, make sure that you’re using Internet Explorer… the site seems to contain some IE specific code when you’re refered to another page for downloading. Also, turn off any download managers such as GetRight, as they sometimes stop files from downloading correctly, and simply click on the link rather than right clicking. If none of that helps, then I’m not sure what the problem is… it could be another browser problem as Lance said.

right click on the little green “1” and select open in new window. left click on the title of the track when the new window opens. if the new window opens to a white page, close it and refresh the tracklist page and start over.

that’s how i work it.

Cool, thanks for uploading it…and…I don’t mean to be ungreatful, but 22khz sound?

There are some Fighters Megamix clips I would love to have…

Oh. My. God.

I’m sorry, I can’t restrain myself, this gets a huge, gigantic, enormously massive…


Finally, the PDZ OST is in my grasp! And the music from the opening of PD!

By the way, what exactly is the difference between the PDZ OST and PDZ: Alternative Elements?

EDIT: Just downloaded Destiny Begins. Techno remixes, nice.

The thing is, their current PDZ ‘OST’ isn’t actually the OST.
But big thanks on getting them the AE. Absolutely love 5-10.

Well, it’s still a helluva lot more than I had before (read: nothing).

22khz… I thought they were around 160khz, in VBR format. This is the PDZ: Alternative Elements we’re talking about, right?

I submitted the full Zwei OST as well, but they don’t seem to have added it yet.

if and when they do upload it, will it have the harpsicord melody from the FMV montage? i always loved that little composition and the remix that plays in the ruins is not enough!

22khz is the sound frequency, 160 is the bitrate, different things :wink:

And yeah, unless I’m mistaken they’re 22khz (at least from the 3 I’ve downloaded so far). Open it in Winamp and look by the khz rating, it’s 22khz. The bitrate is around 100kbps, which would be higher would it not be for the 22hrz sound. Just to verify, I’ve downloaded “01 - Main Title.mp3”, “10 - Duel.mp3”, and “11 - The Expected Enemy.mp3”, those are from the Alternative Elements soundtrack, right? Unless Sega Extreme messed with the files after you sent them to them or something.

Guys tell me the good tracks so I know which ones to download. Thanks.

Main Title